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Technologically, the world is evolving every day. The organizations’ meeting/conference rooms are now very different as compared to some years back. The use of wireless solutions, cloud-based sharing, and handheld computing has improved the speed of the organizations and have initiated some crucial changes in the workplace.

Helping organizations reach their employees, partners, customers, and prospects, Airtame is the best device for a seamless workflow with screens. The simple to set-up and easy to maintain solution plugs into any TV or projector, and allows you to connect wirelessly via any computer or mobile device – whatever the platform. This eliminates cables and establishes a more professional meeting room environment.

The great feature about Airtame is that it can work with distinct operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Linux, Mac OS, and Android. Its cross-platform capability makes it suitable for use by distinct businesses where the employees have different devices.

Airtame also functions to support digital signage functionalities – allowing for more dynamic, engaging and visually appealing work spaces, and better use of standby screens. Airtame has created the first of four native homescreen apps with Unsplash, Google Slides, Trello and World Clock. Google Slides allows anyone to set a public Google Slides presentation as their useful digital signage – it can present new hires, notes around the office, or whatever other content and info you feel is important for your employees to know.

World Clock allows organizations to keep track of time, particularly when they have customer or employees in distinct time zones. Unsplash provides high-quality and beautiful photos functioning as “screensavers” on your standby screens. This helps create an inspiring working environment for the employees and guests. Lastly, the Trello app allows for workplaces to connect their own Trello project boards directly to the standby screens, for better organization and alignment across teams, and to present project updates.

With the powerful digital signage, companies will be able to control content centrally, customize it and distribute it to more than one screen. They can run relevant information (written messages, images and company calendars) when the screen is not used.
A wireless display ensures that you share the right information with the right people at the right time. This can be anything from the lunch menu, to new hires or important business info. With this simple presentation, there will be a seamless communication in the company, thus, improved morale and productivity in the businesses. Companies can show their websites on the screens when the projector/TV/monitor is not being used for streaming via Airtame. They are required to create their desired dashboard and apply it to
their respective Airtame through Airtame cloud or the device operating system. Connecting to Airtame is easy. Once installed, simply download the Airtame app on distinct devices for every employee to be able to share their assignments/tasks on the bigger screen. If you have visiting guests that don’t have the app installed, they can connect via the Windows Guest App online. It works fast and helps them locate their tasks quickly for better flow. Streaming notifications remind whoever is presenting that they are still streaming and therefore, they know when to stop presenting when they are finished.
With a wireless display, businesses are able to boost employees’ morale and productivity. A solution like Airtame provides more efficiency in meetings, and also helps relieve the pressure passed down to IT admins, who often have to scramble around an organization trying to fix cables or other solutions. Airtame is powerful tech that is simple to use – like a flick of a light switch. Presentations can take place remotely with the use of cloud management.


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