We all know the usefulness and utility of a Run Window. A run window helps us to open applications. Programs with the aid of some commands known as run window. In Windows 8 Run window can be opened by pressing Windows + R. This process is really easy to use but the Run window can also be pinned to taskbar or Start Screen. The procedure is very simple and before going through the steps here is the list of the Programs and their corresponding Run commands.

Preview Image

Windows 8 RUN commands:

SL NO.ProgramCommand for RUN
1About Windowswinver
2Add a Devicedevicepairingwizard
3Add Hardware Wizardhdwwiz
4Advanced User Accountsnetplwiz
5Authorization Managerazman
6Backup and Restoresdclt
7Bluetooth File Transferfsquirt
10Change Computer Performance Settingssystempropertiesperformance
11Change Data Execution Prevention Settingssystempropertiesdataexecutionprevention
12Change Printer Settingsprintui
13Character Mapcharmap
14ClearType Tunercttune
15Color Managementcolorcpl
16Command Promptcmd
17Component Servicescomexp
18Component Servicesdcomcnfg
19Computer Managementcompmgmt
20Computer Managementcompmgmtlauncher
21Connect to a Network Projectornetproj
22Connect to a Projectordisplayswitch
23Control Panelcontrol
24Create A Shared Folder Wizardshrpubw
25Create a System Repair Discrecdisc
26Credential Backup and Restore Wizardcredwiz
27Data Execution Prevention systempropertiesdataexecutionprevention
28Default Locationlocationnotifications
29Device Managerdevmgmt
30Device Pairing Wizarddevicepairingwizard
31Diagnostics Troubleshooting Wizardmsdt
32Digitizer Calibration Tooltabcal
33DirectX Diagnostic Tooldxdiag
34Disk Cleanupcleanmgr
35Disk Defragmenterdfrgui
36Disk Managementdiskmgmt
37Problem Steps Recorderpsr
38Registry Editorregedit
39System Restorerstrui
40Windows Updatewuapp

Steps to add “Run” in Windows 8 Start Screen

1. Press Windows + C keys to open the Charms bar. Click on Search and Type Run in the search field.

Type Run

2. In the search result in the left side pane, appears Run. Right click on it and see there are some options at the bottom of the screen something like the one shown in the image. Click on Pin to Start.

Click On Pin To Start

3. You are done.

Run Pinned To Start


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