The following tutorial will show you how to add or remove Quick launch toolbar in Windows 10. The Quick launch folder is located at %UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch. The Quick launch is a convenient way to open programs and is located in the taskbar. When added to the taskbar, Quick launch helps you access files with much ease. You can drag any shortcut, file, folder, drive over the Quick Launch toolbar and then drop the item to create a shortcut of it in Quick Launch. Check out the steps to add

Steps to Add Quick Launch toolbar in Windows 10

1. Right click on the taskbar, go to Toolbars, then go to New Toolbar.

new toolbar

2. The folder field appears. Copy and paste the following text and hit Enter.
%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

select folder

3. The Quick Launch Toolbar will be added.

quick launch

4. To hide or show text and title of Items in Quick Launch, you first need to unlock the taskbar. Right click on the dotted separator line of Quick Launch just to the left of the Quick Launch toolbar, then click/tap on Show Text and Show title to check or uncheck them for how you want them set.

5. To access the Quick Launch context menu, click on the arrow to the right of Quick Launch of Taskbar, and select the desired menu.



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  1. Can I put it totally to the left, where it was in Windows XP (near the “start” button)?
    If I can, how? Tnx

  2. Step 4: Windows 10 there is no dotted line to the left. And there is no choice of show text or show title. I just need to find an earlier version history on a document.

  3. For Windows 10 , right mouse click on the quick launch window and the popup has the options near the top.


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