Rudy Huyn is a web developer who is having tussle with Snapchat lawyers ever since he developed SnapChat third party app 6snap for Windows Phone users. Snapchat is a popular photo and video sharing application which is supported in Android and iOS platforms but not in Windows Phone. So the 6snap app made a lot of fuss among Windows Phone users. But unfortunately, Snapchat lawyers were after Rudy Huyn which compelled him to remove the app.

6discover App by Rudy Huyn to be removed finally from Windows Phone Store

Few days later, Rudy Huyn developed another application known as 6discover which again led him into legal complications. After 2 weeks deliberation, Rudy Huyn confirmed that he will remove the application from Windows Phone Store. You can read his tweet from the above image. He said, “Bye 6discover. Don’t speak me about Snapchat anymore, don’t hesitate to promote #cyberdust by @mcuban to your friends”.

When 6snap was removed from Windows Phone Store, the users of Windows Phones and Rudy were enthusiastically trying to convince Snapchat to release an official version of the app. But the company did not approve of this. Huyn made the app 6discover at that time which could substitute specific Snapchat app found on Android and iOS that allows users to see quick video clips promoted by major networks like ESPN and MTV. The app did not implement analytical recording and reporting which is the main earning source of Snapchat app. Later on Huyn tried to negotiate with the company but Snapchat did not want to take the issue any further.


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