5 Most Effective Tactics to Monitor Email Activity at Your Business

Even in an age of instant messaging and video conferencing, email is still the most valuable form of communication for many businesses. Every day, employees rely on emails to share information with colleagues, keep track of important company data, and maintain ongoing strategies for compliance. Of course, if your team is using email to stay connected, then this also means that you need a strategy to protect your employees from potential issues with email threats. If you’re concerned that your business inbox could be a source of security or privacy problems for your company, then you’re in the right place. Here are some helpful tips on how to monitor activity correctly in your organization.  

There’s more to successfully protecting your email correspondence than tracking the number of emails that come into and go out of your business each day. A successful strategy for monitoring ensures successful email continuity in your business, while reducing your exposure to unnecessary risks. Here are 5 strategies to consider when you’re implementing your service.  

Tactics for Monitoring Email Activity 

  • Use a Secure Email Gateway: A secure email gateway, otherwise known as an SEG is a software solution that monitors emails being received and sent in your organization. The right technology can prevent unwanted emails from reaching your team and eliminate the risk of attacks from things like spam, malware emails, and phishing attacks.  
  • Implement Best Practice Policies: Reduce the amount of work that your monitoring system needs to do by ensuring that your employees know the best practices for keeping themselves safe online. This could include teaching staff members how to identify a threatening email, and implementing guidelines on which links and attachments they shouldn’t open. 
  • Use Personalized Filters: Most secure email gateways and spam filters come with features that you can customize to suit your specific needs. If you’re already aware of addresses and email domains that need to be added to a whitelist or blacklist, make sure that you add these to your system, and keep updating as you learn more.  
  • Use Email Monitoring as Part of a Complete Strategy: Email monitoring makes it easier for you to track any potential trends or issues that appear regularly in your organization. However, this is only one part of maintaining a secure business. You may also need to monitor things like mobile activity for remote workers and web activity for in-office employees, to ensure they remain safe. 
  • Keep a Close Eye on Trends: Finally, make sure that you keep a close eye on any trends that emerge in your email monitoring strategy. You might notice that certain kinds of employees are more vulnerable to attacks than others, or that you experience a higher number of attempted breaches at certain times in the year.  

Stay Safe 

Email monitoring is an important part of successful threat protection in your business landscape. As more companies continue to come under fire from criminals in the digital environment, it’s crucial to make sure that you’re taking full advantage of your email security tools. In the post-pandemic world after COVID-19, it’s now particularly important for businesses of all sizes to ensure that they have the right security in place.  

The number of criminals taking advantage of the pandemic to improve their chances of getting into business files is increasing. Many criminals even started sending emails related to COVID-19 to convince employees that they could sign up for a vaccine or protect themselves better by entering crucial information. Now that we’re spending more of our lives online, it’s not enough to use just the basic strategy to protect your business and email. We all need to be more vigilant about the way that we use and protect our data online. 


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