10 Most Famous Gaming Conventions Across The World

In the time span of just a couple of years, eSports has emerged as another mode of career for many people. It has reached to certain extent that parents or guardians of gamers are now forcing them to delve deeper into gaming. So you can understand at which stage eSports have reached to. But do you know why people are opting eSports as their career? Why has it gained such popularity all of a sudden? Is it because of good games in the market? Yes. Is it because of new technological developments? Again, yes. But another reason stands as one of the most important reasons is due to the development and creation of the various gaming conventions ranging from the smallest to the largest. Here are the 10 most popular gaming conventions in the world.

(10/10) Pax

Penny Arcade Expo that had started off as a small gaming event with about 3k attendees in its inaugural year. As time flew, it grew more with more participants coming in, thus transforming into a worldwide event. It occurs at 4 different places throughout a year: BostFE12, A2QSQa, ZXon, Australia, Seattle and San Antonio.

(9/10) BlizzCon

It takes place usually at the beginning of November in Anaheim, California. It brings gamers from worldwide in here. It’s cater towards Blizzard fans is the reason why BlizzCon isn’t higher on this list.

(8/10) Eurogamer Expo

The biggest gaming event in the UK that takes place in London is for everyone. The chance of trying in new games is available in this fest. It attracts people from all over the world of all genres.

(7/10) E3

After Sony’s announcement of no longer attending the fest, E3 has gained an obvious momentum. It has already opened doors for the general public thus making it one of the largest continually growing expos in the world.

(6/10) DreamHack

Based in several different places of the world with the largest in Sweden, DreamHack does not cater specifically to eSports. It offers much in the path of new games and cosplays along with gaming news and competitive tournaments. DreamHack has its name in the Guinness Book of World Records for hosting the largest LAN party in the world.

(5/10)Igro Mir

Held every year in Russia by the Game Developers Conference of Russia since 2006 drawing about 157k participants a year, Igro Mir isn’t still super-well known over the world. This expo caters to all kinds of games and genres and cosplays too. It is the biggest gaming expo of Russia and also one of the few events held in that country.

(4/10) ChinaJoy

The attendance for this gaming expo sees participants from about 30 different countries with a total attendance of 270k, ChinaJoy or China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference features of over 3.5k games every year.

(3/10) Gamescom

Gamescom is the European version of general gaming fest. It takes place every year in Germany. Big announcements, names are all made at this gaming expo. On their 10th anniversary they saw an attendance of 370k which is one of the biggest in the world. It is open to all people from all over the world.

(2/10) Tokyo Game Show

It is one of the biggest gaming expos of the world with an average attendance of about 270k every year. It is the ideal gaming expo for gamers waiting for delayed releases of Square Enix. Many important and big announcements are made in this amazing fest.

(1/10) Brasil Game Show

This is the largest gaming expo of the world with a rough attendance of 300k every year and it offers opportunities for everybody all over the world; be it cosplayer, developers etc. Inter mixing of various developers is promoted via this gaming expo.

These are the reasons of various pursuing gaming as their career, and now it is absolutely secured and safe for all. Are you aiming in participating in any of these?


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