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How to Open Folder Options in Windows 10?

Folder Options is an important aspect in Windows operating system and it is needless to say the importance of folders. Folders are the building blocks of file organization and storing. Most users are expected to know how to access Folders and open the folder option. But incase you do not know, we are there for you. You can do multiple things with folder, copy files from one folder to another, delete items from a folder, hide a folder and show that hidden folder. We are discussing some easy steps which you may find helpful.

How to Open Folder Options in Windows 10

1. Open the File Explorer.

File Explorer to open Folder options

2. Tap on View and click on Options.

View Options

3. If you want to open folders in just a single click, then select the single click option. By default opening folders with double click is enabled.

 click to view folders

4. Under View Tab, you can enable options by reading them. For e.g. you can hide hidden folders or show them. Similarly you can disable thumbnail views and many more. In case you want to go back to default settings, just hit Restore Defaults.


5. The search folder will help you how you would like to search items from your computer. Since search is an important and prominent feature in Windows 10, so checking right options is very important. We recommend to keep the default settings.



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very helpful tutorial for me.

Thanks for this help. I lost thumbnails when I installed Win10 and finally have them back.
I’m happy I stumbled onto your site and finally have corrected my problem. Needless to say I have book marked your site. Thanks again for the simple explanation.

thanks it was very helpful

Nick, I’m using Windows 10 & with their last update a Menu appeared of my stat page & the Shortcut Icons disappeared. I’ve found most of them in the Menu except for the Recycle Bin. I’ve hunted everywhere & asked Cortina, I just used your find hidden files search. I cannot find the Recycle Bin. Can you help me? I’m not well trained in computer usage. Thank you, Del

Thanks a lot finally I have solve my problem