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How to Change a Standard User Account to an Administrator Account in Windows 10?

With Windows 10, you can create two types of accounts, a standard account and an Administrator Account. The Administrator account will enjoy the Administrator rights but your main account will always be the default account. In Windows 10, to enjoy Administrator rights, you need a Microsoft Live ID. You can convert any Family Standard user to Administrator User later on. The following tutorial will show you how to change a standard user account to an Administrator account in Windows 10.

Steps to Change a Standard User Account to an Administrator Account In Windows 10?

1. Open Start Menu and go to Settings.


2. Go to Accounts.


3. Now go to Family and other users.


4. Under Your Family menu in the right panel, you will find the account you have added. Tap on it to open other options. Now click on Change Account Type.


5. Now you will get a drop down list to choose between Standard user and Administrator. Choose Administrator.


Tap OK and you are done.


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