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Fan made Windows Phone commercial is ready for the big screen

Windows Phone has a small market share even though it’s the third in the current line up. Microsoft Windows Phone dedicated users all over the world and a fan made a video on the Windows Phone video which is found to be extremely awesome. The video is beautifully made carrying a lot if information as well as entertaining.

Windows Phone 8.1 Trailer (Fan Made) from Ohsneezeme on Vimeo.

Recently Microsoft launched a video commercial comparing Cortana with Siri and that Cortana is better in terms of roll-out features that are usually delivered twice a month. The video puts forward the best features of Windows Phone like the PureView, Cortana, live tiles and many more. The video has colorful layout, rhythmic music with a Nokia vibe. The video is not official but turned out to be more catchy and fast and showed a way to Microsoft of hoe the advertising should be done in order to grab attention.


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