A “phablet” is the well-known blend depicting the popular hope to roll up a smartphone and a tablet into a single package. The Lumia 1520 shown above is a perfect example of the thought, a six-inch yellow-bodied smartphone that crossed the limit of Windows Phone OS. Now, Microsoft intends to ace for even bigger. As a part of a series of leaks declared by Paul Thurrott, Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 will enhance the operating system’s maximum size to some seven inches. Whether this signifies we’ll really get to see 7-inch smartphones in the future is totally, but Thurrott is positive that the word “phablet” just doesn’t contract it anymore.

Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1

Microsoft might also be securing a few gaps where it presently has some opportunity, particularly in the small tablet area. Update 1 might be aimed for manufacturers to make small-sized tablets functioning on Windows Phone sans cellular abilities. This provide Microsoft a more stable platform for tablets as the company goes forward to RT’s slow roll to complete annihilation. With the Surface Mini also going through a same scenario, Microsoft has few other small tablets available as other companies, such as Lenovo, are drawing out small Windows tablets in the U.S. solely to “lack of interest.” It would look like Lenovo has completed its homework. New market studies from NPD DisplaySearch claim that tough competition from 5.5-inch+ smartphones are affecting tablets between 7 and 8 inches in a negative way.

The reports proposes that after topping out in 2013, small tablets now witness themselves coiling into unending decline. Update 1 also comprises of a collection of other useful features which includes start screen folders, smart case support, higher resolutions, and VoLTE support, which in turn constructs the actual “phone” part of a smartphone even enhanced with HD call quality. We might see the updates showing up on the devices tentatively in early fall.


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