Windows Phone has finally included the Xender app in its ecosystem. Xender is a utility app which serves as a file transfer app between phone and PC. You can share a maximum of 10 GB file with the app and the content compatible is widespread. It includes videos, images, document, movies etc. What separates this app from others is that it utilizes the phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot feature to transfer the files. This means no tension of USB, internet or data consumption. For all these versatility, Xender was coveted by Windows users too. The app is absolutely free of cost. Check out the features as stated in the Windows Phone app description.

Xender app is finally available for Windows Phone

Check out the features:
No USB, no internet, no data usage!
☆ Transfers everything files, pictures, music, videos, even apps!
☆ Extremely fast imagine sending your party video to friends in seconds!
☆ Supports group files sharing to up to 4 devices.
☆ Supports cross-platform file transfer and sharing between Android and IOS devices.
Phone to PC/MAC Transfer.
☆ Connects your phone to any PC/MAC even other people’s, anywhere!
☆ Transfers everything files, pictures, music, videos, even apps!
☆ No need to install any software on PC/MAC.
☆ Support offline mode with high transfer speed and no internet is needed! Send anywhere as you want.

You can download the Xender app for Windows Phone from here.


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