For converting 4K videos, we always need a software application, that is extremely efficient in large file handling, lag handling and video quality control. To address all the vital factors, we need a video converter application, that has level 3 hardware acceleration support, high quality converter engine and de-interlacing engine. WinX Video Converter fits all such requirements and is sufficient as a standalone video converter application for you. 

Before investing on a video converter application, which is not free and will cost you something, it is always a good idea to research on it. You can check 100 other reviews of various products and make your needful decision on choosing the best 4k video converter. In this article, I will share my experience with WinX Video Converter. 

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Important Features and Advantages of WinX Video Converter:

1. Level 3 Hardware Acceleration: WinX Video Converter is powered by Level 3 hardware acceleration, which comprises of hardware encoder, hardware decoder and hardware process. The combination of these three, is by far the most advanced hardware acceleration. A converter, which is supposed to convert 4K videos to MP4, must have level 3 hardware accelerator for an intact high resolution output video. 

2. WinX Video Converter can compress upto 90% of the original video size without any loss or lag. This is a great news for YouTube vloggers and Instagram influencers. You can create best looking videos, and fit them in your required file size. When the videos are being viewed on TV, the quality is still commendable. 

3. It can convert a plethora of videos from one format to the other. It supports over 200 formats. Example, 4K/HD HEVC recording from GoPro/DJI/DSLR, YouTube clip, or DVD/Blu-ray rip. Supported formats include AVI, WMV, M2TS, MKV to MP4, HEVC to H.264/MPEG-4 to fit all screens, and change or update high frame rate video parameters suitably for a seamless experience.

4. You can perform various editing functions, that are required for creating visually appealing YouTube worthy videos and Instagram reels. You can rotate, flip, crop or apply filters, add subtitle to video, adjust video parameters like bit rate, frame rate, volume, etc. on the videos. 

Steps To convert 4K Video To MP4 with WinX Video Converter 

The application is very user friendly. The user interface is self-explanatory, with well defined buttons and menu, so that any novice user can use this software for video conversion or creation. The overall download and installation process is also very crisp and compact. Converting videos from 4K to MP4, or from MOV to MP4, there are 3 main steps: Loading the source files, choosing an output format, and the final step is conversion. 

1. First Install and open the application. Next, click on the +Video sign and import the video on the workspace. Else, you can drag and drop the video. 

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2. Next, you can make all the selections, alter any settings that you want to and choose the required output format. 

3. When all done, hit the RUN button to initiate the conversion process. When conversion is complete, you can find the output video in the default output folder location.


WinX Video Converter is a product of Digiarty software, which excels in the field of video conversion software applications. It is honestly a fast software, which converts videos into a plethora of formats. The output results seem to be quite satisfactory. I will recommend my readers to try the free trail version. If you are satisfied, then go for the paid version.


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