Issues With iTunes Sync?

IOS users mostly use iTunes for all sorts of synchronization. iTunes is the official application by Apple, and it is definitely worth it to use the application for your iOS devices like iPhones and iPad. But there are several instances when iTunes sync becomes a big issue. The issue with synchronization can occur for many reasons. One such reason is the incompatibility with the new iOS update. Sometimes, a new update might land you up in problems. Many users often complain that they are unable to sync their iTunes content after they upgraded their iOS. It is not that Apple remains clueless about it. They fix the bugs as soon as possible, but apart from the iOS update issue, iTunes sync problem happens for many other reasons also. Whatever be the reasons, you need a solution. This is because we cannot always figure out the reason behind the problem. We are only left with the warning message “iPhone not syncing with iTunes”, refraining you from syncing your iPhone photos, iPhone videos, songs and so on.

Winx MediaTrans: A Potential Alternative Solution

There are several tips and troubleshooters easily available on the internet, but if all the solutions turn fruitless for you. Then the last resort is definitely an iTunes alternative software. Due to the burgeoning issues with iTunes sync, many users have now started switching to iTunes alternative applications. WinX MediaTrans is definitely one of the best iTunes alternative software app for Windows. Know more about iTunes vs. MediaTrans

The Back To School Giveway: Why You Must Own The App Now?

back to school
This is the right time to own up Winx MediaTrans application. Not only because of its amazing abilities to become an idea and standalone alternative to iTunes, but also for its special giveaway “Back To School”. WinX MediaTrans is undoubtedly the only iTunes alternative application that enables you to regulate, access and sync all your iOS content without installing iTunes or any of its components. The application is self sufficient and saves you from the hazards of fixing issues with iTunes and dealing with it. With the new giveaway, you can seamlessly transfer your iOS files without any help from iTunes.

You can get a full license of the software absolutely free!!! Not only students, but anyone can avail this opportunity for a limited time. Grab it before it is gone!
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Features Of Winx MediaTrans

  • It enables you to transfer all your iTunes content, no matter what quality and what size videos and music you have, flawlessly without the requirement of iTunes. You can easily backup and sync media content between iPhones/iPads and PC without any data loss.
  • The application enables you to protect the integrity of your data by various efficient encryption techniques such as 256-bit AES, 1024-bit RSA, PBKDF2, Argon2.
  • The application aids effortless data transfer, which includes editing artist and album information, two way data transfer between Windows PC and your iOS device, manage ringtone voice, etc.
  • It supports several features such as auto convert video formats to a comparatively compatible video format, convert large videos to optimal size if you desire, transfer media files in their original size otherwise.
  • It does not deploy iTunes, iCloud or Wi-Fi for its data transfer. Thus a user can use it anytime anywhere. No wonder the application is the best iTunes alternative for Windows.
  • WinX MediaTrans for Windows is very user friendly and easy to use application. All you need to do is install the application and run the .exe file. Enter your License code to avail all the features. You can transfer files, remove DRM, encrypt or decrypt certain files by following the instruction on the application.
    Check out the screenshots:
    winx mediatrans

    winx mediatrans


    Hope the article has given you an idea about the software. We highly recommend users to try this multifaceted genius. We appreciate your reviews.


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