It is common knowledge that many students use computers for their tasks and assignments. Regardless of what you want to achieve with your PC, you will need an operating system that facilitates your work and makes your life easier. In this post, we will look at how Microsoft Windows makes it easier for students to accomplish the various tasks seamlessly.

windows 10

Windows 10, the latest from Microsoft, comes with great features for both students and their instructors. Apart from being the easiest operating system for students to use, students need Windows for education, based on the various facts that make it a feasible and a complete OS that meets student needs on a daily basis.

Here are a few ways in why you need Windows for education:

Windows Enhances Your Safety:

cyber security

In their recent development, Microsoft Windows 10 comes with an “S mode” option that enhances your security. Being an optional feature, you can choose to leave it and use your Windows PC without the same. In simpler terms, S mode is a Windows feature that limits your Operating System to only install apps from the Windows Store.


Windows for students needs this feature to ensure that your privacy and security is protected whenever you use your computer for internet services. By only allowing you to install apps from their Store, Microsoft ensures that you do not fall prey to malware and viruses that come with insecure apps on the web.


In the S mode of Windows 10, you can only use their Edge web browser to access the internet. Edge is an advanced and secure web browser that Microsoft has ever developed.  It adds a security layer when you want to find essay writers in Australia online and blocks loopholes that hackers could use to attack your Microsoft Windows system.


Windows Hello helps you control your system without having to type your passwords every time. This is a security feature against the spies that would get hold of your password and break into the system. With the Windows Hello feature, you need to verify your fingerprint, face or another device before you can log in.

Windows Offers Easy Compatibility:

Are you working on various document formats and want to process them in print or share across the web and other devices? Microsoft Windows offers you the solution and makes the job easier. Windows PCs can connect to printers, external disks, digital microscopes, cameras, among a wide range of digital devices.

You can easily copy content or take snapshots from various devices on your Windows for students computer easily. To connect the devices using either cables or wireless connection, you can easily find the necessary drivers that suit your particular needs.

Windows Allows You to Work from Various Devices:

Do you own a Windows PC, tablet, and phone? What would it feel like to continue working from where you left off using another device? With Windows, you do not have to sign in to sync servers to replicate the documents or send them to other devices before you can use them.

All the recent Windows computers allow you to log on with your Microsoft account. When logged in, you can use Microsoft Office on your device, and all the information is stored on the servers. Once you log on using another device, you find your document right where you left and continue without having to replicate it.

Collaboration is Easier with Windows PCs:

Students and teachers need to work together to solve various questions or carry out learning activities. You can do this in the classroom or even across the ocean. With Microsoft Onenote on the Microsoft Office 365 Suite, you can collaborate with your teachers or fellow students, working on the same project without having to leave your space.

Microsoft Windows also comes with Skype, a powerful web communication tool with VoIP calls. Apart from making video calls online, Skype also allows you to share your screen with your colleagues in a one-on-one or conference call. In this way, you find it easier to help each other with your studies.

Windows is a Complete Learning Platform:

Students need a system that allows them to easily use the learning tools and materials without the worry of getting outdated. Microsoft Windows offers you the ideal solution for your needs. Whether you are a kindergarten trying to learn sounds and colors, or in high school doing complex math, or in college writing your essay, you will find all the tools that enhance your learning process on Windows PCs.

As younger students who are learning on their Windows computers, they gain the practical skills necessary for their advanced levels of education. For instance, even as lower school students learn to write and spell, they also learn how to run and use apps like Microsoft Word and Excel.


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