Windows Blog has updated a post about the plausible features hitting the market with Windows 10 Anniversary Update. We have already discussed most of the features that are making their way with the Anniversary Update. But the feature that we have not talked about is the educational tools for classrooms. Microsoft has jotted down the features in a list form.

Schools are always a big target for tech companies because once a student gets used to working on a platform, he/she will continue to use it beyond school. Hence Microsoft has specially designed educational tools that will help students to study, make notes, scribble on pdf, draw images and even share notes online with their fellow mates. The tools will help teachers to keep track of the examination papers, progress of students and even share notes with students. According to Survey carried out by Microsoft, 90% of schools in the US use shared devices and it can take too long for students to get to work quickly, about 50% of teachers educate themselves technically all alone to aid tech support in their school classrooms. Again 60% of teachers purchase and load apps themselves.
Not every school has this huge infrastructure of supporting computers with advanced study tools. Microsoft will aim to provide the basic amenities of educational tools just with Windows 10 computer in just 3 steps. Again, there are many schools which have tech supports and dedicated IT teams looking after the technical facilities provided to the students and teachers. For such high end environments, Microsoft will push the advanced systems they have and work accordingly.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update to bring educational features for classrooms

Check out the features coming with Windows 10 Anniversary update:

Faster, simpler set up with all new tools to help educators get up and running quickly.
The Anniversary Update simplifies the deployment process so a teacher can set up devices in three easy steps, even with no dedicated IT support, with an all new “Set up School PCs” app for setting up a ‘Shared Cart of Devices’ in schools.
New Innovations for the Classroom with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

For schools with dedicated IT support, the updated Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer tool enables them to set-up shared devices, in bulk, in a matter of minutes.
New Innovations for the Classroom with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

And, Windows 10 is faster than ever, with an average first log-in of 26 seconds and subsequent log-ins of 6 seconds*, helping classes with shared devices get productive quickly.
Secure Assessments with ‘Take a Test’ App: Teachers and schools need advanced, secure tools for modern test-taking and new tools can simplify standardized testing for a variety of test taking needs.
An all-new “Take a Test” app offers simplified options for test-taking: For high-stakes tests, the app creates a browser-based, locked-down environment for more secure, online assessments, for tests that shouldn’t have copy/paste privileges, access to files, or other distractions. For simple formative and quizzing needs, the app couples with a teacher’s preferred assessment website to deliver digital assessments.
Windows Update Improvements: New ‘active hour’ policies enable devices to update outside of class times so classrooms can stay productive and efficient without disruptions, while helping to keep devices secure and up-to-date.
Education Ready Windows Store: Teachers can easily find, acquire, and assign free and paid apps in the Windows Store for Business. With more than 5 billion visits to the Windows Store, a vibrant storefront is available for educators, with all new apps for experiences from FluidMath, a handwriting-based educational math app, to Kno, which offers a library of over 200K books and simulations for all grade levels, StaffPad for music composition, BrainPOP and more.


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