Microsoft has recently released the Windows 10 19H1 Build 18305 in the Fast Ring. As the Build is in the Fast Ring, there is a possibility that there will few bugs. So, if you are not quite confident about using Fast Rings, then we shall recommend you to move back to Slow Rings. Slow Rings receive stable versions of these updates, a few days later.

The Windows 10 19H1 Build 18305 has brought many new significant features. One of the most prominent changes is the Start screen interface. It has been much simplified than before. The columns are sleeker than before and the top tiles have been reduced. It has introduced a new way to Unpin folders from the Start layout along with the existing features.

simplified layout of 19h1

Windows Sandbox- The new build is bringing a new feature called Windows Sandbox. The main purpose of Windows Sandbox is to provide a lightweight desktop environment crafted for running applications in isolation. This is for people who are gradually getting habituated with using computer. When we just start using computer, we are apprehensive of performing even the slightest function. We fear that our slightest mistake may risk our computers. We fear to run .exe files, set up virtual machines or any functions that are bit challenging.

Windows Sandbox will provide an isolated structure, where you can run any applications, from trusted or untrusted source without any fear of risking your computer.


As per Microsoft, Windows Sandbox has the following properties:

  • Part of Windows – everything required for this feature ships with Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise. No need to download a VHD!
  • Pristine – every time Windows Sandbox runs, it’s as clean as a brand-new installation of Windows
  • Disposable – nothing persists on the device; everything is discarded after you close the application
  • Secure – uses hardware-based virtualization for kernel isolation, which relies on the Microsoft Hypervisor to run a separate kernel which isolates Windows Sandbox from the host
  • Efficient – uses integrated kernel scheduler, smart memory management, and virtual GPU

A lot of improvements is being made in the security end. These include protection history experience, tamper protection if important security features, etc. Hotkeys and Kaomojis are coming soon. You can more about Windows Builds here.


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