Stranger Things 3

Microsoft has collaborated with Netflix and the Redmond based tech giant is promoting Stranger Things 3. Stranger Things is an Americal fiction horror web series, which is shown on Netflix. In order to promote the web series, Microsoft brought the Windows 1.0 theme which users can apply on their current version of Windows.

The company has launched a new app called the Windows 1.11 which provides ypu the essence of the landmark progress in tehcnology from 1985. The application has been taken over by the Upside Down from Stranger Things.

Microsoft has launched a series of teasers on social media platform as well as a collection of applications on Microsoft Store, such as Netflix, Windows 1.11, Windows Throwback and Stranger Things 3 app in the Stranger Things Campaign. Check out here.

Microsoft has also added many fun interactive platforms for coders and movie makers. They have “Strangify Your World” where users can create Stranger Things inspired mini movies using apps and technology of Microsoft. Then, you can write codes for your own video game which is also based on Stranger Things 3. Check out here for more details.


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