Cortana made its first appearance with Windows Phone 8.1 and now it’s also coming with Windows 10. For those who are still yet to know about Cortana, it is an artificial intelligent personal assistant that comes with Windows Phone 8.1 operating system. It can perform a panoply of features like support of voice commands, reminders for every important meetings and events of yours. It can comprehend normal human voice and the design is lucid and excellent. Recently, voice assistant integrated the dictionary facility which is powered by Oxford Dictionary. All these multifarious features have burgeoned the popularity of Cortana in such a way that Microsoft seems to be prescient about the the demands of people.

Will Cortana come in other platforms? Microsoft says

So new is that Microsoft will bring it for other platforms as well. According to Business Insider Microsoft called for a meeting recently. Microsoft’s chief experience officer (and former head of Windows), Julie Larson-Green was candid about Cortana and its excellent ability to perform a legion of things. She was asked if Microsoft is adumbrating any plan to bring Cortana in other platforms. She replied: “The short answer is, yeah.” So we are quite inquisitive how Microsoft is turning up everything. We have found some leaked images of Cortana in Windows 10 and hence we can surmise that Windows 10 is incorporating this famous Voice assistant. Now let’s find out when other platforms get lucky.


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