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Data Loss is a big global issue and not just limited to personal interests. If you are aware of the present scenario of cyber attacks, ransomware attacks, then you might know the humongous forms these cyber crimes are taking. Recently Facebook suffered a huge data debacle where users access tokens were compromised by hackers. A few months back, Google also suffered similar cyber attacks, were Google Plus users’ data were accessed. So, you can imagine, these titanic technology companies cannot handle such breaches. When such mishaps happen, they companies are subject to several difficulties including loss in customer trust, company’s own goodwill and reputation and so on. For example, Facebook suffered data attack twice, and after that many companies and users resolved to boycott Facebook. Companies not only lose reputation but incur huge loss in revenue, business,

You can imagine the extent of security you have in your court! Well, we have to make the best of what we have. Hence protecting the data you have on your computer is something you should never compromise with. Data storage is protected by two important pillars- data backup and data recovery. Most users are well aware of these two things. In case, you are not accustomed with these, then it is high time you get yourself sorted.

Data Backup

Data Backup is the processing of keeping a copy of the entire data of your computer to another location, or rather another device. You can use the duplicate data in case your device is under some sort of virus attack or technical fault and your data got wiped off. There are several media that can be used to store the data backup. It can be done in offline mode in external hard drives, pen drives or in online mode such as cloud services, remote servers. Cloud services like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud provide free storage upto certain size and beyond that it is paid. Users are always recommended to rely on a Data backup system. Now, offline and online mode of data backup share their own positive and negative traits. While offline backup devices like hard disks and flash drives can become obsolete, or even crash down, but they are safe from online cyber attacks. The situation is just the opposite. Cloud backups upgrade, can expand their storage but are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Even though cloud backups are highly secured but you must never underestimate the prowess of a hacker.

There are a plethora of data backup software that can help you get sorted with your device data.

Data Recovery

This is another pillar required to establish the security and longevity of your device data. Data recovery can actually be considered as the last resort of saving your data. When backup fails, or rather you fail to backup, then data recovery is the only option left. Data recovery salvages all sorts of lost, inaccessible and corrupt data of your system. For all kinds of hardware and software breakdown, that led to data loss, data recovery solutions can bring back your data from the ashes. There are several techniques by which lost data can be recovered. The most commonly used technique is the specialized disk-imaging procedure that extracts information bit by bit and recreates the image of the data to another reliable functioning device. The disk imaging technique is available in form of data recovery software. So, the important part is to choose a reliable data recovery software.

I hope new users now have an idea about the importance of data backup and data recovery.


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