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How Can Hacking Affect Our Life?

Data integrity is presently the biggest challenge for mankind. In a digital era, where almost all important monetary and confidential operations are executed via internet, it is a burgeoning challenge to protect the data from theft. Hackers have become all more powerful and even big titanic companies like Facebook, Google could not escape the biggest data debacles. Small companies and personal users are always at risk. With the advent of another evil like ransomware, hackers and cyber criminals easily get hold of the confidential data of users. These user data is sold in the dark web and used in carrying out various criminal activities. Cyber criminals then blackmail the users of exploiting their data and even charge exorbitant amount as ransom.

Websites of online retailers, social media are hacked, and user data are stolen. The purpose of such attacks is much more than you can think of. From social media platforms, hackers steal identity of users by hacking their details, phone number, photo and much more information and create fake passports, ID cards of any country, fake bank accounts and so on. This information is then used by big terrorist organizations, child and woman traffickers. Websites of online shopping websites, or any site that involves monetary transactions are compromised and the confidential user credentials are used to steal money from the users. The same money is then used in carrying out all sorts of criminal activities.


What Can Be Done To Curb This Menace?

A lot can be done to stop this crime. The first and foremost thing that a person can do to save himself or herself from data breaches and identity theft is to become aware of such scenarios. Now, almost every bank, every financial organization educate their customers to become alert. A user must never share his/her login credentials with anyone else. Be it banks, or your Amazon account, or your Facebook account, you must never share any OTP, login password with anyone else. As for debit and credit card holder, you must never share your CVV, PIN, OTP with anyone else.


How Is VPN A Potential Savior?

Other than being alert, you can also take refuge on a potential and efficient VPN service. A VPN is an added layer of protection on your internet connection. It encapsulates your IP address and channelizes your data within a tunnel that cannot be accessed by anyone else. VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Network. As it hides your IP address and thereby hides your location, a VPN is a great booster for Internet Security. Attackers cannot reach out to your location and thus, tracking your presence in this vast ocean of internet becomes impossible for them.

What Security Aspects Should Be Kept In Mind While Using VPN?

VPN services are both free and paid. Free VPN services are vulnerable to threats and are not recommended. Many a times, hackers create an illusion of free VPNs to lure customers and make them get into their traps. Again, costly paid VPN does not guarantee full proof protection. So, there are several criteria to check before purchasing a VPN service. You have to search on the internet, very thoroughly. Again, an organization like VPN Vanguard have an efficient team of VPN experts that help you get your required knowledge and research before you purchase a VPN connection.

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