Cloud computing is developing at a rapid pace at present. Microsoft created Azure or Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing service, in the year 2010. It uses Microsoft-managed data centres to support the building, testing, and managing of applications and services. Besides this, it provides support for PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS as well. There is a demand for Microsoft Azure Certification in the world of technology.

Why is it imperative to go for Azure Certification?

Microsoft Azure is one of the premier providers of cloud services right now. Many companies are also shifting their business to the cloud, creating a need for cloud solutions and increasing cloud computing professionals’ demands. AWS (Amazon Web Service), GCP (Google Cloud Platform), and Microsoft Azure provide a promising future for the students. Candidates have the option of choosing different types of Microsoft Azure certifications. This will help them to procure some good knowledge of the cloud computing system launched by Microsoft. A Microsoft certification is quite valuable, and many organizations want their staff to become Microsoft certified.

Azure Certification levels 

Azure certifications are provided by Microsoft in as many as four levels: Fundamental, Associate, Specialty, and Expert. The Fundamental and Associate certifications belong to the entry-level category. These will provide you with a good idea regarding the platform. On the other hand, Expert and Specialty certifications are extensive certificates. Therefore, one needs to study rigorously so as to gain comprehensive knowledge regarding the platform.

Below, we have mentioned some of the most important Microsoft Cloud certification exams conducted by Microsoft. 

Fundamental-Level Microsoft Azure Certification

1. AZ-900

This one is one of the best Microsoft Azure certifications intended for the newbies. It covers Cloud scalability, fault tolerance in Cloud computing, Opex vs Capex Cloud computing, and foundational Cloud principles. This certification is ideal for any developer who does not have a technical background. One will get an excellent understanding of Azure with the help of this course. This exam will help the candidate to begin his career in Cloud computing.

2. AI-900

The candidates will get the basic knowledge of Artificial Intelligence after attaining this certification. If you become knowledgeable on Azure AI Fundamentals, you can become prepared for other Azure certifications. Therefore, it will be imperative for the candidate to pass this examination successfully to become Azure AI Fundamentals certified.

3. DP-900

The certification will cover the fundamentals of data concepts. One would also be able to comprehend how to deal with Microsoft data services. Being the preliminary step towards Azure, the certification will benefit everybody, including those who do not come with technical backgrounds. It will provide you with adequate knowledge regarding cloud concepts, security, services, as well as workloads. This certification will be useful in case you are trying to become Azure certified without having much knowledge regarding cloud concepts.

Associate-Level Microsoft Azure Certifications

4. AZ-104

This Microsoft Azure certification will be ideal for any candidate who wants to become a Microsoft Azure administrator. It will verify the candidate’s competency when it comes to the implementation, monitoring, and management of cloud environments. AZ-104 is the updated version of the existing AZ-103 exam. The candidate must have practical experience in Azure for at least six months. In addition, he will need a basic comprehension of Microsoft Azure, Cloud, the Azure portal, as well as PowerShell. 

5. AZ-204

This Azure certification will help those individuals who like to loosen up their Azure expertise. It is essential to learn the subject comprehensively prior to appearing for the exam. The candidate should have acquaintance with C#, PowerShell, Azure SQL, Azure command-line interface, in addition to the Azure portal. This certification will enable you to prove that you are conversant with the fundamentals of developing services and apps for Azure. 

Expert-Level Microsoft Azure Certifications

6. AZ-303 + AZ-304

By becoming AZ-303 + AZ-304 certified, you will be able to prove that you are one of the Azure elite members. It is intended for skilful IT experts who already know how to manage and develop Azure. In addition, AZ-303 + AZ-304 requires rigorous Azure Certification training, and it helps to make sure that you are an expert in computing and network. All these are essential for developing top-notch Azure solutions.

Specialty-Level Microsoft Azure Certifications

7. AZ-120

Being one of the most recent certifications out there, this one is intended for experts running SAP workloads. In addition, this certification will be helpful for engineers and architects who are shifting SAP applications to the Cloud.

8. AZ-140

Although the Azure Certification cost is somewhat high, the AZ-140 is meant for the Azure administrators. Most of them are proficient in designing, maintaining, and organizing remote applications and virtual desktops. 


Candidates may have to go through various certification levels for becoming Microsoft Azure certified. Microsoft Azure certification has lots of demand in the IT world and has created numerous secure job positions in renowned companies.



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