WhatsApp has expressed its interest in bringing out dedicated Desktop apps for Windows is not a new thing to know. We have told you that apart from WhatsApp for Web, the company wants to integrate a dedicated web application not only for Windows but also for Mac PCs. Finally the day has come when the company has announced about the new desktop app for both the platforms.


WhatsApp introduces dedicated app for Windows PC and Mac
WhatsApp introduces dedicated app for Windows PC and Mac

The applications will be standalone apps but they won’t differ from the WhatsApp Web interms of functionality. The desktop app will be a mirror image of your phone app and will reflect all the conversations, call records from your mobile app to the desktop app.

WhatsApp’s desktop app is compatible with Windows 8+ and Mac OS 10.9+ and will be synced with your mobile WhatsApp account. The process of using the app is same as that of WhatsApp Web. You need to download the application and then scan the QR code with your smartphone. It’s a big question as why the company decided to launch standalone apps which are same to same as the web app counterpart.

Download WhatsApp desktop App



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