WhatsApp Bringing Multi-Device Support Very Soon

WhatsApp Beta made its way to the Microsoft Store in November 2021 so that Windows 11 and Windows 10 users can try the app during its development. Since then, WhatsApp Beta has undergone a plethora of changes in terms of features and looks.

Overall, with every update, the app is getting replenished and fresh thus providing an amazing messenger experience to Windows users. The latest update to the WhatsApp Beta app is the recently integrated support for dark mode. This is a big change in terms of appearance and customization.

WhatsApp Beta app gets upgrades to version 2.2205.2.0 and this is all you get with the new update. To use the dark mode feature, go to WhatsApp Beta Settings, then select General. This will open a new menu. Choose any one among System default, Light and Dark.

If you have WhatsApp Beta on your PC, then update it from Microsoft Store and then use the Dark mode feature. 


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