Earning an IT credentialbrings a lot of benefits, but preparing for the exam also comes with a lot of hard work. There are many things that come into play when it comes to learning for a test. The VMware certification exams require that you dedicate ample time to study before you attempt them. The testsevaluate your skills and knowledge inthe scaling, installation, deployment, and management of VMware vSphere 6.5 environments.To pass the examand earn your certificate, you need to cover the exam objectives and get some great resource tools that will help you prepare. There are many platforms that you can explore. In this guide, we look at some top resource sites that you can use for your exam preparation. These platforms provide numerous tools and materials that have been developed to help you make the best of your learning time.

  • VMware Education Services

The best place to start your preparation isthe VMware platform itself. This is the official webpage, which provides you with everything you need to know about the test. You can download the exam guide, which will help you explore the details of the test and where you need to focus your study on. There are also numerous tools that you can use to prepare for the exam. The site offers recommended trainings, and you can get the links to them directly from the site. There is also a free webcast with the tips on how to study. The platform also offers practice teststhat will help you evaluate your level of preparedness. Besides, you have access to some additional resources, such as VCP community, VMware Learning Zone, VMware Certification Market Place, VMware Press, and etc. All of them will greatly help in your preparation and equip you with all you need to achieve success.

  • PrepAway

PrepAway  is one of the top websites that you can rely on to provide yourself with updated and relevant tools that you need for optimal exam preparation. The platform offers an extensive training courses and practice testsof high quality to equip you for success in your certification exams. The practice tests provided on the site are simulated to offer you the experience you will have during your actual exam.The PrepAway materials are very current and always updated. When youvisit this site, you can be rest assured that all tools you will explore on the platform are accurate and relevant to your exam. Everything is developed by the certified specialists who have gone through the process of writing the same certification exam. The materials have also been verified before they were uploaded to the platform. Every update that occurs on the certification test is automatically reflected on the materials of PrepAway, so you don’t have to worry about getting outdated resources on the website. Another important aspect of PrepAway is the fact that it is mobile-friendly. You can access the study materials on the platform on the go. The mobile version works perfectly on iOS and Android phones. Now, if you have any issue, complaint, or clarification about anything on the site, the customer service team on the platform will readily help you out.

  • MyLearn Platform

This is also a great platform for preparing for the VMware certification tests. The site offers a great number of comprehensive video training courses developed to prepare you for the exam. The resource contains comprehensive analysis of the examobjectives, exam preparation hints, sample questions, and full training on the course contents. The trainings are delivered by the certified professionals in VMware. The site details everything you require. Thus, your learning will be more and more effective. There are numerous tools and strategic study plan that have been developed to help you cover the knowledge gap in the various parts of the exam topics.

Benefits of using online platforms for your exam preparation

Using resource platforms to prepare for your test creates a level of confidence in terms of your ability to succeed in the exam. The trainings and tools available on the above-mentioned platforms have been developed by the experts in the field, and you can access them at your convenient time. First of all, by going through all the resources, you are able to improve your knowledge level about the exam topics. Secondly, resource platforms help you have a structured and effective study. Going through the route of self-study is definitely okay, but if you are not self-disciplined, it might be hard for you to concentrate on learning. This is not for everyone. However, when you use a resource platform for your training, you are able to commit to preparing for the test. Thirdly, using websites also helps you recognize and bridge the gap in your knowledge level. You will have access to the professionals who know what to expect during the exam you are going to pass. They will take you through the different topics of the test in a comprehensive and understandable manner.


The resource platforms offer you an opportunity to learn in a flexible way. You don’t have to sit in a traditional classroom to learn. Right from the comfort of your home, office, or on the road, you can engage in learning. There are numerous resources available online, and by taking advantage of them, you can make a huge progress in your learning. It is important to mention that the resources mentioned here are not the only great choices you can have. There are many others that offer great tools for your preparation. Opt for the most reliable ones. Whatever choice of resources you decide to go with, make sure it has what you need to achieve success in your VMware exam.


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