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PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is a text file format, developed by Adobe which encapsulates a complete description of a text file, containing images, graphics, charts, etc. It preserves the integrity of a document and cannot be altered without leaving any mark. Because of its platform independence and document level security, PDF formats are acceptable in professional places like companies, colleges, courts, hospitals, etc. If you edit PDF files, then there will be a proof, that it has been edited.

What are the advantages of using PDF file format?

1. PDF is platform independent:

PDF files are independent of operating systems, software, hardware, etc. No matter which application was used to create the PDF file, the file can be viewed on any device with any PDF viewer. PDF files also have cross platform compatibility. 

2. PDF yields document level security: 

Nowadays, most documents are shared online over the internet. So, document security holds humongous importance. With PDF files, users can electronically lock the file with passwords, so that no one other than the intended person gets to open the file. So, unauthorized access is prevented by PDF files. 

3. Substantial Compression:

PDF always compresses the document files to 25% of the original size of the document.  For example, a 1,000 kilobytes document is reduced to 28-30 kilobytes in size when saved in PDF format. This size reduction helps in transferring the files over the internet or intranet.

4. Can Be Viewed With Free Software:

PDF files can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader which is a freeware. All other PDF readers, available in the market are usually free. 

Because of the above advantages, PDF is the most widely used formats when it comes to sending electronic document formats.

DeftPDF, the Ultimate PDF Editor:

Nowadays, PDFs are often required to be edited and hence a plethora of PDF editors have arrived in the market. DeftPDF editor is a new software that has been recently launched. It is an extremely robust and efficient PDF editing tool. DeftPDF enables you to perform copious changes in your PDF document. These are listed below:

1. You can edit, crop margins or page size in a PDF tile, reduce the size of the PDF file, split the document into two-page layout scans, A3 to double A4 to double A5.

2. You can protect the pdf files with passwords and permissions. You can apply watermarks to preserve the authenticity of your document files.

3. You can convert your PDF file to Docx file with the help of DeftPDF application. 

4. You can fill up and sign online PDFS free of cost. 

5. DeftPDF supports conversion of PDF files to several other formats such as JPG, Word, Excel, PPT, PDF. Again, you can convert JPG, PPT, OCR, HTML, Word formats to PDF. 

The application is free of cost and feature rich. Don’t miss out DeftPDF if you are looking out for a potential PDF editor. 


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