Microsoft’s Windows 11 has Automatic Super Resolution, better known as Auto SR to step up the gaming experience. Microsoft already has launched its AI tool the Copilot some time back and it is trying to push the AI assistant in its Windows ecosystem. However, the feedback has been a bit underwhelming. But Auto SR has the capability to become a game changer factor in gaming. At least, as of now, that’s what the experts are predicting.

Auto SR is quite similar to NVIDIA DLSS, AMD’s FSR and Intel XeSS. The main objective of Auto SR is to make games look good quality with realistic appearance when running at lower resolutions. Ultimately, it urges to produce comparatively higher frame rates. Auto SR supports ARM and this is also a big news. ARM integration on Copilot+PCs powered by Snapdragon X Elite is indeed something big.

What is Automatic Super Resolution?

Automatic Super Resolution or Auto SR is the first OS integrated AI super resolution technique that can make your gaming experience of the highest standards. Microsoft, in their blog post has given examples of how the appearance change with this AI integration. The game looks smooth, vibrant and magnificent.

Below, there are two images of Borderlands 3, played natively at 1440p versus one rendered at 720p but enhanced by AI-based Auto SR. There is no visual difference in quality. One runs at 24 frames per second and the other zips along at 40. Microsoft has asked its used to identify which one is which.

Super Resolution is an advanced transformative technology that enhances the frame rates thereby improving the visual quality. Games are generally rendered at lower resolution to boost framerates. Next, AI powered algorithms are deployed to intensify the details and visuals. The technology successfully balances frame rates with visual quality. It delivers a stunning and immersive gaming experience.

As Microsoft says,“Auto SR stands out in two exciting ways: it’s applied automatically and enhances existing games. Like other SR technologies, Auto SR uses AI to improve frame rates and image quality. However, Auto SR focuses on bringing the benefits of super resolution to your existing game library with no manual configurations needed. This makes it ideal for players who prefer a straightforward experience. Simply start your game, and Auto SR instantly enhances it, allowing you to effortlessly enjoy visuals that surpass native 1080p quality with the fast frame rates typically seen at lower resolutions. Auto SR boosts detail and performance on compatible hardware, transforming your gameplay and letting you experience select titles in a new light.”


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