Office 2016 was released on the 22nd of September 2015. From a quick look, it is not easy to identify any differences with office 2013. However, upon taking a painstaking look, you will discover some impressive differences that enhance more productivity.

Microsoft office attempts to leverage the power of cloud computing driven by the modern user’s need to access a cloud-based productivity suite that is mobile-ready as well. This text, therefore, discusses how Microsoft office 2016 improves productivity.

Below are some to the things offered in office 2016 that can significantly boost productivity.

  • Easy sharing of documents

In office 2016, it is very easy to share documents through the new share button located on the top-right corner within office apps. Whenever you click on that button, you gain instant ability to share the document with anybody in your contacts list. This eradicates the need to leave a document to perform this task.

  • Co-author your documents in real-time

Co-authoring enables you to collaborate in real time, meaning that you can view what your teammates are doing within a PowerPoint presentation or word document on the go. Likewise, they are also able to view whatever you are working on regardless of your geographic location or device you are using. All you need is an active internet connection.

  • Smart attachments

If you have been using previous iterations of Microsoft Office, you will understand the pain of having to navigate to the precise location of the document within your computer. While this is still possible in office 2016, any recent document will automatically show up within a list of shareable documents in Outlook. In essence, the application keeps a general list of recently worked on documents for easy access.

  • Outlook’s new Clutter feature

It might occur that you normally receive many emails each day. Having to wade through your entire Outlook inbox and categorize each message is time wasting and lowers productivity. With office 2016 there is a new category within the inbox known as clutter. With it, you can categorize specific emails as a low priority, and they shall be automatically plahced into the clutter folder within outlook. This leaves you with only four categories, i.e. junk, clutter, important & delete.

  • Notebook sharing through OneNote

OneNote is among the most useful apps within Microsoft office. However, it remains the most underutilized application. Through office 2016, you can share a single OneNote notebook with an unlimited number of people. What’s more, it works with images, text, emails, worksheets, and many other document types. This makes it an ideal central utility for those working in a project. As a student, you can even use it to collaborate on an assignment instead of hiring a paper writing service.

  • Purchase options

Generally, Microsoft office 2016 is available only on a subscription basis. Even when you opt to buy the boxed version of this software, you are simply paying for access to a yearly subscription. However, there is one exception. Upon buying Office Home & Student 2016, you only pay a one-off fee amounting to $149. 99. However, you only get basic office applications.

  • Delve

This is another brand new tool that accompanies your office 365 subscription. Delve acts as a centralized location offering you aces to all the documents created, shared or those in which you collaborated on through Office 2016. It is similar to the “recently worked on” feature. The only difference is that this list is kept in the cloud enabling you to access it from the office 365 portal on any connected device regardless of your location.

  • New charts in Excel

Excel’s data visualization ability adds a great deal of utility to this application. Nevertheless, the chart types in former excel versions were limited, and this needed some change. Office 2016 offers additional types of charts to the templates list. One amazing chart is “waterfall” that is very useful if you normally follow the stock market. Other charts include Pareto, Treemap, Histogram, Whisker, Box, and Sunburst.

  • Power BI

Before office 2016 got released, Microsoft aggressively spent time and capital in the acquisition of technologies under its business intelligence program. This eventually led to the integration of Power BI in the office suite. This is a highly efficient analytics tool that comes within the office 365 subscription package. It is essential to know all the small details affecting your business operations. Through Power BI, you can bring all these together.

It is clear that Microsoft has upped the ante against its competition when it comes to cloud-based office solutions with its Office 365 offering. This is a combination of the basic Office 2006 and all other online services. Therefore, it would be prudent for businesses to consider Office 356, especially for business subscriptions.


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


  1. Hi Nick
    Just got a PC and laptop, both with Windows 10.
    I have several issues with this OS.
    1. The ‘Search/Copy’ is really annoying and I’d like to get rid of it (I use right-click, it’s much faster) How do I get rid of it? (That was my query in Google and it directed me to your site.)
    2, In Word 7 (MSOffice 7) I get a pop-up: ‘The command cannot be performed because a dialog box is open. Click OK, and then close open dialog boxes.’ How do I program the computer to press OK automatically without having to press OK every time? (There are NO dialog boxes open except the one that says so, which is part of the Word 7 boot process – only in Windows 10).
    3. On my laptop (Windows 10) I successfully installed Word 6 (in my opinion by far the best word program – fast, user-friendly, has everything), and I can type and save, but on retrieval it opens the Word 6 document and then automatically cancels it. How do I stop the cancellation?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Jackie


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