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VPN is a widely used technology and one of the most popular technologies used for privacy. Before delving deeper into the benefits of VPN, let us throw light on the VPN. What is VPN? Why do we need a VPN? Finally, we will come to the main topic, who needs VPN? There are many VPN services and some of the widely used VPN services include ExpressVPN, Nord VPN, IP Vanish VPN, Strong VPN, CyberGhost, Pure VPN, etc.

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What is VPN

You might have read about secret tunnels in history where soldiers used to pass information or carry out secret missions. Those tunnels are mostly underground, and not only in history books, but this concept works very much even today. So, what was the motive behind such underground tunnels? Yes, you are right, secrecy. Soldiers and spies need to remain stealth. Taking this example, we enter into VPN. VPN is a virtual private network which performs the same function of secrecy. VPN acts like a tunnel and allows users to exchange data securely and anonymously across the internet as if you were connected directly to a private network. With a VPN, there is no risk of interruption or eavesdropping.

Why Do we need VPN?

Many big multinational companies which run projects across different countries use VPN. VPN is also used for personal benefits. For example, you live in India and you want to access certain website content that are only exclusive for the United States. You can use VPN to channelize your internet and access the content of the US.

We need a VPN for a plethora of reasons:

  • It helps you to bypass censorship blocks imposed by many countries.
  • VPNs mask your IP addresses, so you can easily maintain integrity in your business and prevent third party from stealing your business ideas, and confidential information.
  • VPN refrains third party to know your physical locations.
  • It does not record browsing history and always operated in incognito mode

Who need VPN?

Next, have a detailed look at who might need a VPN. The answer, honestly, is everyone. VPN offers numerous benefits to people. Titanic multinational companies, government offices, army, navy and even users who use torrents need VPN.

  • Business people who travel a lot: Business persons who travel a lot often needs to use their business network on the go. The local network resources are then wrapped by securing VPN.
  • Access Home network on the go: You can access your Windows Remote Desktop over internet privately. This allows you to remain connected to your home network with sufficient security.
  • Access Geo-Blocked Websites: As mentioned before, if you live in India and subscribe to Netflix, then you can view content provided from India. You cannot view content that is exclusive for USA. To access such content, you have to use VPN of that country.
  • VPN helps you download files much faster.
  • It can also bypass internet censorship. As you know, the internet is highly regulated and censored. Users can use VPN to overcome internet censorship.

So, now you have an idea about VPN and its utility. Hope this article has helped you!


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  1. I’m a marketer and I use VPN for various stuff required in different markets. It helps me to bypass geo-restrictions put on online markets. I am using PureVPN at the moment and it works pretty much great where ever I travel.


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