It has been a long time the Windows lovers are waiting for the VLC player for Windows Phone but the plan of release is getting delayed for one reason or the other. At present you can find a lot of companion apps but all of them are paid apps. But it seems that developers are still facing issues in developing the apps and the release is postponed for the time being.

VLC player for Windows Phone delayed further

But there is a reason to cheer as well. The app for Windows 8.1 is almost ready and is on the verge of release. Thomas Nigro announced that the VLC media player for Windows 8.1 is almost read for release for devices like desktop, laptop, and tablet owners. Nigro continues on Twitter saying that there are “still some things to fix. We’ve got delay on WP. We prefer to ship a good version instead of a boggy one.” The version for Windows 8.1 is going to include numerous features including tweaks in the User Interface and design.


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