Valorant specifications: things to consider before running the game

The Riot Games developed the new tactical shooter that seems to be a phenomenon in cybersport. The Valorant is presented as a kind of 5 vs 5 shooters for playing in teams.  

Before you dive into the Valorant world, make certain that your computer complies with the necessary game specifications. Things you should keep on the mind are the size of the file you are going to download, and the specifications, which provide the different speed of performance.

After that, when you ensure that your PC has the necessary parameters and finish the installation of Valorant, you are ready to rise in the ranking and take top places. Be aware and track your rank or users` stats at Valorant Tracker

Size of Valorant file

Notice, that file you are going to download is 3.6 GB. Such a file size does not take much time to load, even at a slow speed.

As soon as downloading is over, the next step is to restart the PC. It’s necessary for activation of the Vanguard client that is an inherent protective part, otherwise, the driver will not allow you to finish the installation and run the program.

Basic specifications

To start the game, your computer must meet the basic required characteristics. Consider the following indicators:

  • Valorant runs on the PC with Windows 7, 8 or 10 64-bit
  • The system RAM – 4GB
  • VRAM – 1GB

Basic speed of performance

The fact that Windows 7 is suitable for Valorant allows gamers to enjoy such a shooter using computers with different capacities. Your base is CPU – Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 with a built-in video accelerator Intel HD 4000.

If your computer meets these minimum specs, then the speed of the game shooter will have a 30 FPS rate.

The average speed of performance 

The recommended specifications are additional ones with which Valorant can work at a higher speed – 60 FPS. To achieve such a speed your processor needs to be Intel i3-4150 with a GPU Geforce GT 730.

The highest speed of performance 

The presence of such high-end specifications provides you with the highest speed respectively. The highest performance rate reaches 144+ FPS. To get it your PC must meet the next requirements: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2GHZ as a CPU and GTX 1050 Ti as a kind of GPU.

Enjoy the Valorant regardless of your specifications and take top ranking among other players!


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