So far, 2020 has been defined by COVID-19 and quarantine. We’ll explain why the quarantine period is actually a great time to launch your software startup. While offline businesses like retail shops and restaurants are suffering losses, online services have an opportunity to expand their target audiences. 

These days, people need services that can provide alternatives to their usual work and rest routines. According to Statista, Netflix has beaten its record of active users because of quarantine. So what types of software startups can you launch in 2020 to achieve success? 

Grocery delivery

Many people are currently trying to avoid grocery stores. This is why it’s a great time to think about grocery delivery app development

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, downloads of grocery delivery apps have more than doubled. For example, downloads of Instacart have increased by 218% and traffic to the Instacart website has increased by 109%.

Now is a great time to start a grocery delivery business in your region.


With the coronavirus, businesses have a great opportunity to expand their reach by going online and increasing their sales. By launching an online e-commerce business, you can allow people to sell their products and allow customers to buy everything they want. 

With almost all physical stores closed, starting an e-commerce platform with good user experience and a convenient payment system is a great idea.

Medical apps    

Health is a very relevant topic these days. Health trackers and telemedicine apps have become more and more popular during the quarantine. You can develop an app that allows users to choose a doctor from a list and book an appointment to get medical advice. 

Remote health is playing a crucial role in overcoming the coronavirus outbreak. During the isolation period, it’s important that healthcare providers take care of their patients and encourage them not to go out. To do this, doctors need to contact patients online. You can offer the best possible solution to users’ health problems with your own online healthcare application.

It’s also important to provide delivery from pharmacies and medical supply stores. Not only those affected by the coronavirus but also those dealing with other minor or serious health problems may not be able to receive medications on time. You can provide a solution to make this hard time a little bit easier for people.

Time tracking software

Time tracking software tracks employees’ work time. Now that a lot of people are working remotely, time tracking software can be very useful for companies, as it helps them find out how much time employees devote to work.

Customer relationship management software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can be useful for every type of company as it offers the following features:

  • Workforce monitoring
  • Accounting
  • Tracking of production processes
  • Tracking of finished products
  • Operations tracking
  • Order management
  • Quality control

The features needed in a CRM can differ based on the type of company that uses it, so you can choose your niche when developing this kind of software.

E-learning software

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, educational institutions around the world have been forced to close or switch to online classes. This is a great time to enter the e-learning market with a new application for remote education.

E-learning software helps teachers create course schedules, quizzes, and online exams. This software can be useful for schools, colleges, and universities.

Food delivery

A lot of restaurants have been forced to close their doors during quarantine and can’t wait for the time when they’ll be able to open again. Switching to online food delivery is a great solution. 

Delivery solutions have become lifesavers, helping all types of businesses reach their customers. For this reason, delivery services have seen a surge in business during the crisis.

Fitness apps

Gyms and medical centers have been seriously affected by the coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, online platforms have proven to be a blessing in disguise for the health and fitness industries.

As many gyms have closed their doors to curb the coronavirus outbreak, people are increasingly turning to digital training programs to do exercises at home. Encompassing everything from yoga and meditation applications to seven-minute workout apps and CrossFit apps, the fitness app sector is booming. Types of fitness apps you can create include:

  • Fitness tracker apps
  • Exercise apps
  • Social networks for coaches and athletes
  • Yoga and meditation apps


This is not an easy time for any of us, but you can invest efficiently and make money by helping others during the pandemic. When thinking of ideas for startups you can launch right now, consider anything that will allow people to spend their quarantine time more efficiently, more easily, and more happily. Stay safe!



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