Windows 10 Technical preview has brought so many changes and enhancements and we have seen that in every build, it has intended to strengthen its integration with OneDrive. You can sync all your files to this cloud and access it anytime fro, anywhere. Since, automatic upload is an important feature, the speed of upload is important. This is because, when we are accessing or working in any file, it will be uploaded automatically to OneDrive and hence speed is an important factor. Windows has provided an option to upload these files in batches for fast download options. This option, though consumes extra bandwidth is very effective.

Steps to Turn On or Off OneDrive Uploading Files in Batches in Windows 10

1. Tap on the arrow beside the Action Center flag located at the Taskbar. Right click or long press the OneDrive Icon.

Search OneDrive

2. Right click on the icon and go to Settings as shown in the screenshot.

Settings OneDrive

3. Go to Performance Tab.


If you want to enable uploading files in batch, check the option “Improve Upload speed by uploading files in batch.” If you want to turn it off, uncheck it. Click OK to save.

Upload speed


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