With the outburst of Windows 8.1, Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, there are several amount of people who are experiencing their first taste of the new Windows environment. We have already peeked at few of the top apps available, and finally it’s time for having a glance at the top games. Games overlook the Windows Store’s list of top-purchased apps, and for better reason: There are few excelled games available, in a mixture of genres. Here are few of the best selling games available, listed that can run on either Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1.

1. Angry Birds Space” and “Angry Birds Star Wars

angry birds space

Rovio’s Angry Birds branch is one of the most selling mobile games of all times obviously for good causes, and the brand has is getting even better with age. Presently exclusively “Angry Birds Space” and “Angry Birds Star Wars” are available on Microsoft’s flagship operating system, but both titles are wonderful. They extend the traditional physics-tailored game-play of the master game and includes a whole fresh property which comes with gravitational pulls, all while including new birds that have exceptional powers. Hopefully Rovio will launch “Angry Birds Star Wars 2” to Windows 8.1 shortly, although the game was set in motion on Windows Phone 8 with its Android and iOS versions.

2. Wordament


Microsoft looks keenly mindful of the “Words with Friends” addiction, as the company made its own word-grounded puzzle game in “Wordament.” The game marks users against one another to have a look who can scratch with the greater words from the same letter pool. It’s both easy and vivid, and it can be relished with nearly any of your friends since it’s also available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

3. Simple Solitaire


Solitaire is one of the biggest and highly efficient dilatoriness games ever ex-cogitated. The reality the solitaire doesn’t come pre-installed in Windows 8 is a disgrace. There is one application, Classic Solitaire, marketing for $1.49.

4. Adlib


Adilib is a game that takes a test of your vocab and attention also. The game aggregates the classical experience of word search with the contributed difficulty of only being able to make words from positioning the tiles left and right. Unlike other word search games where you can merely search for words inside of the puzzle, Adlib demands you to position the pieces in places to make the words yourself.

5. Inkarus


If you’ve played the very pop app Where’s My Water, then Inkarus will be very familiar to you. The aim of the game is to help our little wingless bird to the feather while gathering all of the gears on the way.

6. Skulls of the Shogun


It’s surprising that there aren’t more turn-based strategy games on tablets and smartphones given how well they seem to lend themselves to touchscreen devices, evident by the addiction of “Skulls of the Shogun.” As with “Halo: Spartan Assault,” this game allows users to sync content between Windows and Windows Phone devices, a capability that fits the turn-based nature of the title perfectly. It boasts both single player and multiplayer modes to keep things interesting, and a great-looking 2D graphics style helps it stand out from other titles in the Windows Store.

7. Asphalt 7: Heat

asphalt 7

There aren’t sufficient racing games available in the Windows Store but the famine of entitles does not mean that Asphalt 7 is not magnificent. The game, which characterizes both single player and multiplayer options, blusters good graphics and several drivable cars aboard many track selections. There are enough of game modes available to make things look new, and a chasing system includes some profundity alongside Xbox Live accomplishments.

8. Fruit Ninja

fruit ninja

Now it comes to Fruit ninja, the pretty simple games associated with fruit slashing. Although it looks pretty easy but it isn’t since it plunges the quality of your display since you have to keep dragging your fingers all the time over the display. There aren’t many options available in the game but once you start playing you are sure to lose track of time.

9. The Harvest

the harvest

The Harvest was primitively a game designed to ostentate the actual power of the Windows Phone but it arrived to Windows Phone platform in March after being available on Microsoft’s smartphone platform since 2010. The game is one of the few role-playing entitles on the Windows Store, but it shows off enormous graphics and fun action-tailored combat reasonably reminiscent of Blizzard’s Diablo dealership. With synchronal co-op play, “The Harvest” for Windows shows off a big capability unavailable to its smartphone sibling

10. ilomilo plus

ilomilo plus

Another Xbox 360 and Windows Phone game has paved its path to Windows in “ilomilo plus,” a bettered edition of the puzzle game characterizing two friends who have to reach out to each other on distinct maps. Puzzle games have rapidly become in trend once again, with entitles such as “Portal” aiding to enhance their popularity. Much like “Portal” has its own style, “ilomilo plus” also possesses a method of play that’s all its own. Few games display the easy but interesting style found in “ilomilo plus,” but it’s a title nearly anyone can seamlessly pick up and play.

11. Rocket Riot 3D

Rocket Riot 3D

Although being one of the foremost games launched for Windows 8, “Rocket Riot 3D” looks like a concealed gem on the Windows Store for some strange cause. “Rocket Riot 3D” is based on the Xbox 360 game “Rocket Riot,” but with enhanced graphics and touch-screen controls that really look up to the mark for the title. Users master a jetpack-enabled character that wings all over the map along with a rocket launcher overcoming waves of enemies in many level styles. It fathoms generic, but it’s put unitedly in a way that’s different from other touch-screen shooters, and it’s has tons of levels to keep you approaching back.

12. Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman Jungle Run

Aggregating the off-late eternal runner process with a well-renounced brand, “Rayman Jungle Run” acquires all things right about how a mobile game should actually function. “Jungle Run” characterizes the same 2D graphics discovered in the off-late “Rayman Origins” display reboot, and it looks terrific on a tablet. The game features platformer-inspired play known in the Rayman wonderful, aiding it surpass from other unending-runner games in the Windows Store. There’s actually not much to boast about “Jungle Run” beyond saying it’s one of the best mobile games on the market right now.

13. Halo: Spartan Assault

Halo: Spartan Assault

Many games have undertook to be the first-person shooter of touch-screen devices, although most feature clumsy controls and simply aren’t too exciting.”Halo: Spartan Assault” shuns the thought that a brand demands to keep its precise genre to be productive, selecting for a top-down view that feels correct. The game holds the Halo spirit alive by its colorful graphics and similar weapons, and it features revolving challenges to ensure things are interesting. The game can be synchronized with a Windows Phone version, although that demands a separate $6.99 buy, unluckily. If you have to select one, it’s simple to advocate the Windows version since it has bettered graphics. If Microsoft desired a killer app for its operating systems, “Spartan Assault” conforms to the bill.

14. The Gunstringer: Dead Man Running

The Gunstringer: Dead Man Running

“The Gunstringer: Dead Man Running” dishes out as a byproduct of Twisted Pixel’s wonderful Kinect game, “The Gunstringer.” Both games are on-rails gunmen, but the Windows byproduct is an unending-runner game that also possesses a story mode. “Dead Man Running” comes with a price tag when it was one of the foremost Windows 8 games launched, though it now has assumed a “freemium” model, along with accessories and power-ups available for buying. Few of the enormous witticisms of the first game are lacking, but it’s still got a comedy vibe. Good graphics and sound aid to round out the package for a fun bit of time-consuming. The game has a lot of profoundity, with a extended story mode and many unending running maps, which creates it a no-brainer to select.

15. Hydro Thunder Hurricane

Hydro Thunder Hurricane

If you’re a lover of speedboat racing games, probablities are you’ve played “Hydro Thunder” at some instance in your life, an hooking Midway game launched on the Nintendo 64 and original PlayStation. Microsoft took on the franchise’s permit when Midway went insolvent, and Vector Unit, a small autonomous developer, launched “Hydro Thunder Hurricane” on the Xbox 360 way back 2010. The game has since created its path on Windows, and it’s awesome and very much habit-forming, even though priced at $9.99.


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