Students, especially those who just enter the university, face problems in student life and their new reality. They have to address many academic, personal, and household issues independently. As they don’t have enough experience, freshmen are confused and actually don’t know what to do. We surfed the internet and learned about the services to help students perform various tasks in 2020. 

Language Learning Centers

These centers help international students improve the level of English or other local languages. Many universities offer this service at a reasonable price. Knowledge of several foreign languages helps enhance your CV and find a good job in a new country. If your university offers this service, we strongly recommend visiting this center to widen your interests. 

On-campus Healthcare Service for Students

Healthcare for students is a good solution for inexperienced young people who were treated by parents when they were sick. Healthcare experts can arrange personal appointments or consult you by phone. You can even get professional advice on contraception or other sensitive healthcare issues as doctors are trained to give ethically correct consultations to college first-year students. International students should have a health insurance certificate to be able to use on-campus healthcare services. 

Educational Resources 

It’s not easy to perform well in a college because high school and college systems are totally different. You can use free online courses offered at MOOC or acquire additional knowledge at Coursera. These resources will help you enhance your knowledge of any discipline. Also, you can order an academic paper at review to improve your performance at college. Many young people apply for these services and get their papers on time. 

Student Counselling Services

Counselors on various issues will help you solve the issues associated with health, adaptation in a foreign country, academic performance, exams, and finances. Some universities offer free counseling services. These services are in high demand among international students who often experience homesickness or face adaptation issues.

Food and Cooking 

Few freshmen can cook when they leave home for studies in another city or even another country. You can find many websites that offer quick, but healthy recipes for those who don’t have any experience in cooking. For example, you can find thousands of easy recipes at StudentRecipes or RecipePuppy not to stay hungry. Make your friends happy by cooking their favorite food during the party! 

University Career Centers

By attending these workshops, you can evaluate your skills and personal assets to choose your future pathway. Employers aren’t willing to hire inexperienced workers. If you specify that you have the experience of attending career counseling workshops in your resume, this may increase your chances to be hired. Also, you can apply for jobs or find internships in student career centers.

Sport Services

Each university or college has a gym. There is no need to explain the benefits of visiting the gym for students. Except for good shape and mood, attending the gym helps you increase your mental capacities as the speed of metabolism enhances. As a rule, you can attend gym at an affordable price when you have free time. University gyms offer a wide variety of services, including fitness tests, yoga classes or even individual training. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your health and academic performance! 

Budget Planning Services

You will be surprised, but you can easily find the websites helping you better plan your budget, save money, or earn some money as a student. Resources like Groupon, MoneySavingExpert, or Mint help young people choose great deals or better organize their finances. Check them to track your spending, find cheap flights, trips, and use discount for fine dining.

Training Courses 

Attending special training courses for students to teach them time management basics or effective studying strategies. International students may attend special courses to help them adapt to the new studying environment. These courses and workshops offer introductory materials to help international students understand the education system in the receiving country. 

Shopping Services for Students

There are many websites where students can shop online without spending much money. You can find many useful things on popular websites eBay, Amazon, or FreeCycle. Electronics, clothing, books, furniture – anything at a reasonable price or even for free! Websites like GumTree offer part-time jobs for students. So, you have a chance not only to save but to earn several pennies for your personal needs or entertainment. 

Professional Training and Events 

Smart students start building their professional networks long before they graduate from the university. The main goal of special networking workshops is to teach students to advertise them for employment purposes and approach potential employers in a professional manner. These patterns increase your chances of being employed in a short time. 

Time Management Services 

Students are different, and they face different problems when starting their studies at university. Someone can’t wake up on time to attend lecturers, others like hanging out in social media. You can make your own schedule using the Sleepyti website or KeepMeOut to drop you off social networks if you tend to stay there for a long time. 

Adaptation of International Students 

Students are lazy and tend to waste much time on counterproductive activities. To teach them to distribute their time more effectively, the website MentalFloss is created. By using this website, you can learn many interesting facts related to culture, local food, lifestyles, and science. This can help international students better adapt to a foreign country. Other websites like LifeHacker help users learn do-it-yourself patterns, become more productive when studying, and save money if the budget is limited. 

Useful Resources 

Scholars form useful resources where students can access classic and modern literature. This can help you do your homework or enrich your knowledge of poetry. Also, you can rent used books on Amazon at the best price. Wikipedia is one of the most useful resources where you can derive encyclopedic knowledge about anything in the world. 

In Summary

Students are very creative by nature, and they tend to find life hacks to save money as their budgets are tough. Understanding the problems young people may face when starting an independent life, universities create many services to make their adaptation smoother. Also, there are many useful resources online that can help students not to get lost in their routines. These tips concern all aspects of student life. We genuinely hope that our tips will help you make your life in a student dorm more comfortable. 


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