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Thanks to the resourcefulness of the Internet, we receive almost immediate access to any data on the web. It’s useful and serves many purposes. Thus, students collect data to use it in their papers. Businessmen gather web data to promote their platforms. Nonetheless, the modern world increases demands and forces us to seek more effective and quicker ways of collecting data on the web. You can carry out searching tasks manually. However, it takes pretty long to copy, paste, type, and so on. That’s why you should consider content scraping tools.

Specialists from EditProofRead know a lot about special scraping apps. An effective scraper allows for quickening the process of searching, finding, analyzing and receiving web data. They offer the best web data scrapers. Before we go to the overview of those scraping apps, we suggest defining the meaning of content scraping.

So, what exactly is scraping of content and is it legal? We should divide and recognize two different uses of it. Firstly, some dishonest people steal data from other websites via content scraping. They retrieve information and try to display it as their property. Such activity is absolutely illegal.

The second use is quite official and legal. Entrepreneurs, students, online shoppers, marketers, and other folks use scrapers to find targeted data at different web platforms. They require dependable data to pursue their own goals.

Here are the major uses and benefits of web scrapers:

  • Market research. Many entrepreneurs use these smart applications to study the market in the concrete industry. Thus, they can understand current trends and what online users want. 
  • Searching contact data. The tools are useful when you need to find some contact information. They compile official emails and phone numbers. Thus, you can reach whoever you want. They serve well in the business industry. 
  • Academic purposes. Students are free to try these great creations as well. They can find targeted content and use relevant data to support their theories.
  • Finding jobs or employees. Many people find jobs and write a resume via these apps. They set proper settings to receive notifications about jobs, which are potentially suitable. Employers can find the necessary workers in the same way.
  • Offline use. One may download the necessary materials to his/her cloud platform. If you have no time to review all the results, save them on the cloud. Afterward, review them in the offline regime at any suitable time.
  • Tracking prices. Finally, these programs are helpful when a user wants to study the prices. If you are an active online shopper install one of such programs. Thus, you can receive price reports from Amazon, eBay, and similar websites.

These applications are utterly effective. They add speed to your searching and provide tons of the data you really need.


If you install this searching tool, you acquire a data builder. It imports information from a certain web platform and exports it to CSV. Thanks to its resourcefulness, there is no need to write any code lines. It offers 1000+ web searching results in a few minutes.

The application is fully customizable. Users may easily receive millions of web search results every day. Such a priority sufficiently enhances chances to find the demanded data. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.


With the help of this data scraper, you will also access thousands of web sources every day. It’s a web-based application with the advanced technology of multiple search options. The scraping process runs fast because it works in a regime of real-time. The application supports 240 languages, which eases the process of searching data. Thus, it accesses foreign web content and finds the required data even if it’s present in a foreign language. 


It’s another excellent scraper, which easily extracts the data you require. The Dexi.io scraper is a browser-based editor. It doesn’t demand to be downloaded. Using Dexi.io, you extract data in a real-time regime. The collected data is saved on cloud platforms. Mind that the process of extraction may be hidden if you want. Thus, no one will find out you have accessed a certain web page.


It’s a cloud-based scraper, which extracts data available on the Internet. It greatly helps web developers to find the required content. An intelligent rotator easily bypasses bots and spams. It effectively fights back viruses and sorts out junk materials. The application converts the whole web pages into logically structured content. You can find targeted information and the process of scraping doesn’t take too much time.


Consider ParseHub as well because it offers multiple dividends. It supports JavaScript and AJAX. One may use cookies and redirections to return to the data, which had been accessed. The application uses intelligent technology, which educates itself. It evaluates all the requests made by a user and recognizes the necessary data. It creates a special web base with the most perspective documents. It runs successfully on such platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Consider the options provided. Such tools are very effective to scrap the required data on the web. Access what is needed instantly and reach your objectives.



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