Removing a file from your computer may be the easiest work to do, but do you know that the file yet subsists on your computer. When you remove a file, only the address of the file is deleted. It will only be totally deleted when some another file is re-written over it. Here are some tools to assist you in safely deleting files on Windows.

1. Eraser


Eraser is a very utile Windows offering that can aid users remove files once and for all from their desktops. With Eraser, you can privately remote files, folders or any file that you had deleted formerly. It comprises of numerous erasing procedures that can assist users to do away with any private or secret file.

2. CCleaner


CCleaner is a one of the most democratic applications to remove files from your desktop. With CCleaner, you can seamlessly remove idle files and empty follows of online activities. It is also a very good file shredder. It removes all the temporary Internet files of any kind of browser present in your system, relinquishing up space in order to step-up the rate of your computer.

3. Darik’s Boot and Nuke (DBAN)

Darik’s Boot and Nuke is a boot disk that that privately removes any matter present in any hard disk. It is good for mass or exigence data wipe out as it can remove the contents of any discovered hard drive even without a trace automatically.

4. File Shredder


This is also a authentic source of assured file deletion that will totally remove files from your hard disk. It has a user-friendly UI that even the most rookie individual will decipher. It has the service to allow you to browse and select which files you want to get rid of. You can also opt for 5 alternatives for ripping up algorithms and it does its jobs very instantly.
File Shredder

5. Prevent Restore

Prevent restore arrives with a hotshot that will make the installation process a gentle wind. It also assures permanent removal of files that can no more be rejuvenated unless the space marked off by windows is not re-written.
Prevent Restore

6. Revo Uninstaller


Revo Uninstaller is an application that demands no initiation. It fundamentally assists users to uninstall files decently without keeping any traces behind. The application also possesses a “Unrecoverable Delete” servie that enables users to removes files once and for all from your computer.
Revo Uninstaller


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