Remote Desktop Access Software offers you to browse any remote desktop by sitting from your own computer. The remote desktop is linked to your local desktop through internet or some other network. This kind of software assists a great deal in technical trouble shooting, or if you want to function from home and your machine is placed in office, you can just log-in to your office machine with the help of these tools and browse its data. But for security causes you require to have your login id and password for logging in. This article explicates best five freeware Remote Desktop Access Software which can be utilized for personal intention as well as for business reasons.

1. TeamViewer

teamviewer free remote desktop

TeamViewer is a top class free application for remote desktop access. With the help of this application you can link up to any remote computer in the world and function on it as if you are seated in front of that remote computer. This software arrives with facilities like full real time entree to remote computers and servers etc.

2. LogMeIn Free

logmein free remote desktop

LogMeIn Free is a free tool for remote screen partaking. With the first-class in-built characteristics, this tool allows you browse any remote computer seamlessly. You can partake files, send files and also perform remote printing from any internet linked web browser. You can seamlessly see and function over your office PC and also arrange PC associated problems without any need for remote PC administrative permissions and proxy configuration.

3. CrossLoop Remote Desktop

crossloop free remote desktop

CrossLoop is an easy secure screen sharing application that allows you to share with a remote computer. For security intentions, this software functions by utilizing 128-bit file encoding and makes a distinct 12-digit key, that you are required to send to the person before they can link up your computer or laptop.

4. ShowMyPc Remote Desktop

ShowMyPc also provides both free and paid versions. This remote desktop is available in platforms like windows, Linux and Mac. You can even utilize this application on android mobile phones and iPhone also. You can even utilize this for remote bac up, web conference, Online meeting and much more.

5. TrueRemote


TrueRemote is a very quick remote computer access free application which utilizes an original codec that not only does remote controlling also plays movies and games. Primary characteristics like file transfer, protection etc. are alike but extra characteristics are a great offering and transform this software democratic for entertainment amongst a specific age group.

6. Avvenu Access n Share


Avvenu Access n Share is a phone to computer access free application with which you can seamlessly do anything you require to do at your pc computer from any place like you can partake data, you can send your pictures, music or other type of data and much more.


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  1. You may also add R-HUB remote support servers in the above list. It is an on premise solution which works from behind your corporate firewall.


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