Beginners in programming sometimes cannot decide which language to choose to start learning. The choice may depend on the level of initial training, the area in which the aspiring coder wishes to develop, or even salary expectations. In any case, a thorough mastery of the basic programming language will help you master the basics of development and further understand how others work. A real programmer does not limit himself to learning one language. And if you started to learn a programming language and want to say “do my programming homework,” do not hesitate to contact AssignmentCore for hiring professionals who provide people with programming assignment help online. 

1. Javascript

JavaScript is for people who want to connect their future with web development. Most client-side web applications are written in that language. And scripts for interacting with website users are created in this language. However, JavaScript is powerless outside the browser.

After learning JavaScript, a beginner will gain basic knowledge about such fundamental things as a data structure, algorithms, and object-oriented technologies in programming. JavaScript is similar to the basic programming language C. If you are bored with web development, it will be much easier to learn languages ​​like C ++, C #, Java, PHP.

JavaScript is currently the main frontend language. It is experiencing a peak of popularity. Based on it, new tools are constantly appearing that make life easier for the developer. But the knowledge of JavaScript remains necessary to adapt to rapidly developing web technologies quickly.

2. Python

Python is great for learning the basics of programming. This language is ideal for beginners who do not want to delve into a huge number of manuals and understand machine code. Python has an open-source license so that you can use it for free. Currently, Python is supported by such popular operating systems as iOS, Windows, Unix, and Linux.

In the Python programming language, you can develop web applications, analyze data, engage in machine learning, and write scripts to automate tasks. This language well connects existing program components. But it is also an excellent basis for the development of highly functional programs. Many popular websites have been developed using Python. For example, it was used in the development of such large projects like YouTube, Google, Dropbox, Quora, and Reddit.

Python is an interpreted language, so a beginner will immediately see the result of code execution. There will be no need to wait for the program to compile. The language has a low entry threshold, as it has a simple syntax. Also, Python will teach a novice programmer to adhere to the design style and a strict code structure. It will also be useful for learning other programming languages.

3. C #

C # is a programming language that was developed by Microsoft in 2010. This is an object-oriented programming language (OOP), which is used for software development, desktop, and web applications. OOP means that the language uses a methodology based on the breakdown of complex, large programs into small objects with attributes. C # programming is widespread not only in web development but also in software and application development. Therefore, the demand for C # programmers remains stably high.

C # is a relatively simple language that will help to develop common programming skills. In the future, they will help to understand the work of super-high level languages.

4. Java

The Java programming language is used in web development and the creation of mobile applications. Currently, the demand for Java developers has increased due to the active distribution of devices on the Android operating system.

For a beginner, learning Java can be really useful since the language has strict requirements for specifying data types. It makes you think about the internal structure of the system. Also, it will teach a novice programmer to remember about curly braces and thereby help to understand how the nesting of code blocks works. Command lines are interpreted and processed is the Java virtual machine, which is currently supported by most devices. It is quite convenient for a novice programmer.

5. C ++

C ++ is considered the ancestor of all popular programming languages. It is better to start studying it for a student who has a profile specialty with a bias towards IT. In C++, the entry threshold is higher than that of the above languages.



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