Many website hosting services today is built on the Linux operating system. This is because it is fast, free, secure and reliable. It also has a software ecosystem that contains several unique web applications. However, it is not applicable for all websites. If your website is built onĀ .NET, ASP.NET or you want to implement a Microsoft stack product, it will be necessary to get Windows-based website hosting.

Here the top 3 hosting providers of this type

1. 1&1 IONOS

This hosting platform is developed to be easy to use. Even a newbie can understand and learn how to use the facility in a short time. It has many interesting features and is available at affordable prices. The 1&1 IONOS hosting platform uses Windows Server 2016. Its basic subscription avails 1 website and 25 email addresses each having a storage of 1GB. This hosting platform also avails 100GB of web storage, unlimited bandwidth and backups performed every day. You also get an SSL certificate, free domain and 24/7 phone support. Their basic plan costs $0.99 per month over the first year. After that, the price jumps to $7.99 per month. Premium subscription charge more and also avails better and more substantial resources. The affordable nature of 1&1 IONOS along with numerous resources makes it earn the top spot.


This is a Windows hosting provider that allows you to run a wide variety of technologies on the server as you host your website. Upon signing up to A2 HOSTING, you get access to many shared products. An example of the basic version is the Swift shared plan. It provides you with unlimited websites, multiple databases and many sub-domains. You also get many dedicated email addresses. Their basic shared plan costs $3.96 per month for the first 12 months. After that, you have to pay $11.99 to renew it after the first year is over. When using the A2 HOSTING platform, you also have access to features such as site migration at no cost, automatic scanning of viruses, SSD storage, automatic backup and free SSL. According to their web hosting Canada research, A2 HOSTING is a pretty good option.

3. Hostwinds

For those with a mid-range budget for their website hosting, Hostwinds is a great option. It allows you to implement operating systems such as Windows Server 2008 to 2016. Its starter plan is known as the Tier 1. It provides you with 1 core for the CPU, 1GB of RAM and 30GB of hard disk space. Moreover, you can get up to 1TB of traffic on a monthly basis. This plan from Hostwinds costs only $8.99 per month for the first year. After that you have to pay $9.99 monthly going forward. A great feature of Hostwinds is that these charges are made on a monthly cycle. So you do not have to sign up to a lengthy contract. By upgrading to a higher plan, you can get access to higher power resources. This platform provides excellent stability and all the standard features which are necessary for website hosting.

4. Conclusion

It is well known that most hosting services run on Linux. However, sometimes, you need a Windows setup. The hosting providers indicated above are deliver excellent Windows hosting. They are affordable and provide access to substantial resources.


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