If you know how to do a research paper on software development, you will understand that Windows 10 is a jack of all trades. Millions of users have given it a clean bill of health, save for a few instances of software update fails and data privacy concerns. It is like a Swiss Army Knife- something you can do almost everything. Since its release in 2015, Windows 10 is a flagship Operating System for the future.

By doing away with touch functionality in the preceding version and bringing back home button, Microsoft has got it right going forward into a new era of technology. There are lots of free essays on this, including the best examples on recent PC hardware upgrades. With Windows 10, the company hopes to reclaim its glory and build on software development and vending success it achieved with Windows 7. If you are yet to try it, https://studymoose.com/ should give you a headstart on key Windows 10 features and how-tos. Moreover, free essays examples will guide you on how to write a research paper that fetches the best grades.

Tips To Create a Strong Research Paper about Windows 10

Is Windows 10 the Best Operating System in the World?

Some say Windows 10 is a hybrid release that capitalizes on the company’s many years in software and product development. After its release, millions of users of the new Windows admit that its functionalities outshine earlier OS versions. Governments, universities, and companies have since commissioned studies on Windows 10, arguably the best multi-device Operating system. So, what’s the catch?

Tips to help you create a strong research paper on Windows 10

During its launch, Microsoft made clear its intentions with Windows 10. The fact that it is a multi-platform installation package became a focal point in many research studies. Moreover, making it a Windows-as-a-service approach purposely to win back clients has seen thousands of essays and topics crafted, most of which shed light on the company’s future.  

Will it stick to a new product development approach that steers clear from multiple windows releases? Well, in one sentence, that’s what we know for now. However, writing a perfect essay on Windows 10 means you must also learn how to craft abstract for research papers. The following tips should help you get started:

Identify an idea for your research paper and develop it

Every research starts with an idea. Thus, when it comes to doing a study on Windows 10, you are probably thinking, what should I write about? Well, think about something that will not only be useful or re-usable but also an idea that will like a virus infecting the minds of readers far more than you can comprehend. Research takes a systematic approach of investigating a problem, finding causes, analyzing, reporting and recommending solutions.

In the case of Windows 10, software design flaws, bugs, outdated drivers, security features, software updates, compatibility, look and feel are a few areas from which you can get an idea. Development of your idea should then focus on solving a problem identifiable through testing. In so doing, it should interest readers, governments and other scholars in your field. Take, for instance, reports about failed automatic updates on Windows 10 Home Edition. From it, you get an idea about what to write, generate a topic and craft a winning abstract.

Keep It Simple and Write it like a Storyboard

Writing about technology takes a more profound approach in terms of testing and investigating a problem. The slightest error will destroy your reputation. By understanding that not everyone is a tech-guru or enthusiast, how to write a research paper about Windows 10 should follow a simple storyboard approach. State unsolved problem (which should interest readers), link it to your idea than show how your findings/solutions work differently from other approaches/findings. It should be a step-by-step explanation of your contribution to a study topic.

Tips To Create a Strong Research Paper about Windows 10

Structure your paper into sections of a research paper

Every research paper has a structure. Thusly, systematic writing is the way to go. Statement of the problem, literature review, research, findings/analysis, and recommendations often define an approach that is popular with many disciplines. Most importantly, you should craft a powerful introduction and a profound conclusion that sums up everything. When it comes to attributing your sources, do not make other researchers look like failures, but rather, acknowledge the significance of their work. It is free and does not take away your credit as a researcher.

Always put your readers before everything

Is Windows 10 the best OS? Well, researching this should not be about you or your experience in IT/software world. You should aim to work on the minds and hearts of your readers. A definitive abstract, a clear structure, intuitive idea, and powerful examples are all you need to put readers first.

In a nutshell: Employ active voice and simple Language

In summary, after learning how to write a good research paper about Windows 10, a clear and simple language makes it powerfully visual. Moreover, with a well-defined structure and active voice, you study and findings from it come alive.


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