Technology has greatly influenced the way students learn nowadays, namely, by making some of the tasks way easier to complete. Many UK students, as well as professionals who offer assignment help and reliable essay writing service in the UK, use special tools for their dissertation, essays, articles, or other writing work. As there are many educational apps for high school students, there are also many writing apps for Windows that college students can take advantage of. Here are some of the best Windows apps that would be indispensable whenever you need to complete a wiring assignment.

Best Windows Apps for Doing College Assignments

1.     Google Drive: Neutral Device for College Assignments

College students will most often find themselves situations where they have to work on a PC that is not theirs. At such times, they have to access their assignments or dissertation which they have begun on their device on another person’s. Google Drive is that app from Microsoft that makes this pretty easy. It is able to achieve this due to its cloud storage capacity.

All the options available on MS Word are also present on Google Drive. In fact, it has more. Students can share their work with other users and ask for insights from them. The app is compatible with many of the recent versions of Windows regardless of the device

2.     Grammarly: Writing App for Windows

The days of having to spend much time on correcting punctuation and grammar errors in college essays are over. With Grammarly installed on your Windows, you can complete your writing assignment with the assurance of no error. All you have to do is download Grammarly for Windows and install accordingly.

However, to get the best of Grammarly, you have to subscribe to the premium version. That is the one that gives you the full package that the application has to offer. It is among the great educational apps for high school and college students in the UK.

3.     Zotero: Windows Dissertation Research Tool

In completing their dissertation writing, students would have to properly cite and include references. This implies that they would have to read a number of books, research papers, and what have you. Zotero is among the writing apps for windows that help college students to manage and organize references.

With Zotero, students’ articles get adequate metadata, extra PDF, and a link to back up a claim. The app recognizes and supports the major referencing styles such as APA, Harvard, Chicago, and MLA.

4.     myHomework: Windows App for Planning Assignments

For college students, assignments are very common. These tasks can become so plenty that they become complex to manage. But with myHomework app, students can monitor their assignment progress and track how much they have completed in real-time. It has been built to organize and monitor classes and assignments for students.

To get the full feature of this app, you have to subscribe to its premium version. The good news is that the premium version is very affordable. It’s such a powerful reminder that let you be on top of your academic game plan.

Best Windows Apps for Doing College Assignments

5.     OneNote: Essay and Note Writing App

This app comes naturally with Microsoft Windows suite. It is an indispensable educational app for high school and college students. College students will particularly find it more useful given the volume of notes they have to take and manage. It can even be used to collect non-text notes such as videos and audios.

It has bars that are very intuitive. The result is that students are able to organize and take their notes in a very simple manner. Windows 10 for students has its plugins, and students can enjoy it for a whole year without making payments. This app is not only used by college students alone but also by teachers.

6.     Dropbox: Windows Documents Storage

Several academic textbooks can be up to hundreds of megabytes in size. Apart from their size, college students often have to work with a handful of them. Dropbox allows for easy storage of large files. In fact, if you want to send a large document to a colleague, you could use Dropbox for that. Since the application supports cloud storage, you do not need your devices to be always with you to access your files.

7.     Writefull: Writing with Confidence

When faced with numerous homework that has intimidating deadlines, most students often forget the appropriate words to use in certain contexts. This experience can lead to a loss of confidence. Writefull takes away this awful feeling by scanning through your words and comparing it with several databases and Google languages. On this bases, it can advise you on word suitability.

Microsoft windows sure have a lot of applications that students can benefit from. The list here is by no means exhaustive, but it highlights one of the most instructive windows apps for college students.



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