The easiest way to expedite your company’s success is invest in your sales team’s growth. They are the frontrunners of the company and bring new customers in. It is crucial that their skills be honed to better represent the company in front of your customers and earn more profits.

Building an unstoppable sales team is possible by providing your sales employees the right training. A learning & development program focused on enhancing their sales skills and helping them new ways to connect with customers can accelerate their growth and the business’ revenue. 

Thanks to the advancement in technology, it is very convenient to train your sales staff regardless of where they operate from. Tools like LMS provide flexibility in learning, and provide a wide array of features that can be compared to identify which ones align with your training goals.

For instance, if you look up Thinkific Vs Kajabi to compare their features, you will realise Thinkific does not have the sales automation tagging features that Kajabi offers. Sales automation can save valuable time and money for your business.

Apart from using the right platform, here are some of the easiest ways to improve the sales training and development within your company:

Use the blended learning approach:

Providing employees only in-person training can take up a lot of their time. At the same time,making them learn through only online-self paced courses may lead to them failing to understand practical implementation of certain sales strategies. Providing a mix of both is the best way to ensure your sales staff gets the best of both worlds. 

A successful blended learning course can help employees learn online through videos and graphics, and then receive more interactive learning through a classroom session with a professional sales coach. This will lead to repetition of information providing better learning outputs and give employees a chance to get clarity on things learnt in the course.

Bring in mentors:

Learning from industry veterans is a great way to help your sales staff learn better ways to perform. Not only does it make learning highly engaging, but also gets them more relevant information directly from some of the most successful people in their field. Hearing stories about their personal journey in the sales arena can inspire your sales staff.

Direct mentoring from such people can allow your sales reps to understand the different ways a successful and experienced sales veteran has used their skills to gain customers. You can invite the most experienced sales staff from your company to share their knowledge, tricks and tips. 

Leverage gamification to assess performance:

Your sales staff goes through a lot of stress due to tight deadlines and fixed targets. Making them feel pressured to perform well in the training assessments will only add to their stress and can make them feel frustrated. A better way to evaluate their performance is to gamify the process.

The gamification features of a LMS helps employees learn through games. They breed healthy competition amongst employees through elements like quizzes, badges, reward points, etc. Employees will learn more sincerely if they are motivated to achieve the highest rank in the leaderboard, and will make it easy to get them to perform better.


The key to a successful training program, be it for any department and not just sales, is to make it engaging. But for the sales department, it must also be customized and regularly updated to help them learn the newest trends. It will also allow them to stay updated about the company’s new products and the best way to encourage customers to buy them.


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