Microsoft PowerToys vs 0.37.2 Fixes Several Bugs

Microsoft PowerToys is a set of utilities available for power users Microsoft. PowerToys aim to provide seamless and Powerful Windows 10 experience. PowerToys has a plethora of of utilities, such as, color picker, file explorer add ons, fancy zones, image resizer, keyboard manager, power rename, etc. 

PowerToys is open for development and revamp, and it comes with a lot of bugs. Microsoft keeps on updating it from time to time and pushes updates periodically. 2 weeks ago, the Redmond based tech giant released Microsoft PowerToys version 0.37. The new update brought many interesting improvements, such as, removal of legacy settings app, changing the keyboard manager, etc. It was also accompanied with new bugs. Microsoft has again pushed a minor update taking the version to version 0.37.2. Microsoft says that the new patch will fix two regression bugs, that were detrimental for the stability of the service. It was completely based on user feedback.

The two bug fixers, as listed in Microsoft SoftToys’ GitHub page, are:

  • #11068 – Power Rename freezes & resets explorer.exe after latest update
  • #11162 – Event handle leak in PowerToys.KeyboardManagerEngine.exe

The experimental version has the Video Conference Mute utility and this version was released back in April. If you want to download PowerToys version 0.37.2, you can download it from the GitHub page.


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