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Windows are working hard to make their offering more creative than ever before. We’ve all seen the adverts featuring bloggers and photographers. And it’s true, you no longer need a Mac to be a designer or an artist, in fact you never have.

When it comes to photographers, there’s more choice when it comes to editing than ever before. You’ll find dozens of downloads all over the internet, all with unique features that can enhance your work.

BestOnlineReviews offers comprehensive reviews on the top photo editing software providers on the market. Below, you can find our thoughts on which are the best video editing programs for Windows.

Adobe Photoshop

Of course, Photoshop has long been the Daddy of the photo editing world. It continues to be, with all the bells and whistles. It’s given five star ratings by most reviewers and had a slick design with features galore. Among its neverending set of tools includes all manner of effects for strengthening and touching up your images. It includes face detection and one of the most superior cropping tools on the market. Of course, it doesn’t come cheap but you can download a free trial to at least test it out first.


A free alternative to Photoshop is GIMP. Of course, it’s not quite as detailed as the Adobe offering but is perfect for those photos which just need a small touch up. It’s layout is very similar to Photoshop and does have a huge amount of features for a free program. You’ll be able to add layers, marks, curves as well as removing blemishes and flaws within an image. It’s certainly one of the best free options on the market.

Serif Affinity Photo 1.5

Serif is a household name when it comes to creative software and it’s produced a real class act when it comes to the Affinity package. All the usual features are found within it, so you can remove any unwanted aspects of your photo, while being able to adjust layers, contrast and exposure. It’s a relatively good price too at around $65, so is certainly the perfect little investment whether you’re serious about photography or simply look to upload to Instagram.


If you’re looking to do something a little more with your photos, then PicMonkey  could be the software you need. As well as being able to edit photographs, you’ll also be able to easily transform them into collages, canvas prints, cards and more. It’s editor is also extremely useful, allowing you to touch up and crop your photographs.


Zoner is the ideal piece of kit for beginners, with the tool offering automated updates, meaning you’ll have to do very little in making your pictures look great. You can make quick edits and make incredibly simple enhancements all within a few simple clicks. Another at a decent cost, priced just $49 for the year, it takes out the effort in photo editing, saving you time and a lot of patience too.


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