Windows 10 is the best thing that happened to Microsoft since its inception. It is the most stable operating system with impressive features and combines outstanding elements of Windows 8 with the best features of all other Windows. Reputable custom writing services find this OS friendly.
Like any other program, the operating system has its issues like incompatibility and bugs. Here are the most common ones:

common bugs in windows 10

Battery Failure

Users of Windows 10 in portable devices like laptops and phones have experienced problems with the battery life. Applications like Cortana which is Windows’ virtual assistant exclusive to the operation system drain the battery. Windows updates also takes a toll on the battery.
To optimize the battery life, disable applications like Cortana. Turning off Windows Updater will help prevent excessive battery drainage. Go to Windows Key + I – Update & security – Windows Update – Advanced Options and choose how to receive the updates. Turn the switch button OFF. These steps may not improve your battery but will optimize its life. Ensure you always have the most recent driver updates.

Freezing Windows Updates

You may have noticed that Windows 10 updates are not as smooth as they should. The updates either freeze while downloading or fails to install as a result of a corrupt file.
It is advisable to flush out any corrupted files to fix this and enjoy smooth Windows updates. Go to Windows Key + R, then type C\Windows\ SoftwareDistribution\Dowload then click OK. Delete all pop-ups, but not the actual folder. In extreme cases, you may have to reboot your device in safe mode and attempt to update while there.

Problems with Activation

Activation problems are common among the people who had the other operating systems and upgrade to Windows 10. Even after going through all the upgrading process correctly, it says Windows not activated. One way to avoid this is to remain online while performing the installation.
You can also use a phone to activate Windows 10 on your PC by opening Settings go to Update & Security then select Activation. Follow Microsoft update guide if you are not sure.

Less storage space

The old version of OS still occupies valuable disk space in the background after installing the Windows 10. Unlike most of the tech companies, Microsoft is not controlling hence does not disable the previous  OS. Instead, it keeps the OS in the C:/ drive and will not force you to update your hardware. The main advantage to the user is that in case Windows 10 does not work for you, it easy to switch to your previous OS.

Service providers like that store bulk data appreciate more storage space when working on clients assignments.
To remove the previous OS click Windows Key then type “Cleanup”-Disc cleanup-C:/- OK – Delete.

No easy access to the Safe mode

Safe Mode is vital in Windows as it gets you out of trouble fast. To access it in Windows 10, you have to go into Windows – Update & security – Settings – left Shift key. However, this method is not possible if your PC cannot boot into Windows.
It is advisable to create a boot time Safe Mode option before you get into trouble. To do this go to Windows Key + X – Command – type bcdedit /copy {current}/d ‘Windows 10 Safe Mode” – Enter – Start – type msconfig – run System Configuration – Boot. Highlight the Windows 10 Safe Mode – Safe boot – Boot options – Minimal – Tick all boot settings permanent – OK.

Bugs are inevitable in any operating system or software. As a user, the best you can do is keep off corrupted files and ensure your computer is clean. A preventive approach is always the best. When using Windows 10, you need to be always alert and attentive to the functions. Address any concerns that arise immediately as a bug is harder to rid off the longer it stays in your PC.

When updating or upgrading Windows 10, take great caution and read through the guides extensively. Third party softwares are notorious for additional bugs rise. Good news is that most bugs in Windows 10 are easy to manage and Microsoft is fast to help the bugs. Next time you encounter a bug with Windows 10, do not rush to replace it. Just fix it.


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


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