The Last Of Us II Postponed Indefinitely For COVID-19 Outbreak

Games are peerless time pass occupations for many people all around the world and a permanent profession for gamers, streamers etc. Starting from Project IGI in the days back through League of Legends, PUBG, Apex Legends to the FIFA series we all have enjoyed playing games. But now, amidst the outbreak of Novel Corona virus COVID-19 many activities have been ceased like movie shooting, developmental works including gaming works too.

The Last of Us (2013) had received huge popularity all over the world. The following part, Naughty Dog’s ‘The Last of US Part II’ is now delayed due to the pandemic along with Iron Man VR,

The Last Of Us II Postponed Indefinitely For COVID-19 Outbreak

This isn’t the first delay of the game. It was initially scheduled to release on Feb 21 2020, but on Oct 2019 it was delayed to May 29 2020. Sony then on April 2nd tweeted that the launching of the game was delayed until further notice. Naughty Dog later on stated that they are hoping for the delay not to be too long so that they could ensure the preservation of all the enthusiasm, experience for all gamers all around the world.

The Last of Us II and Iron Man VR are not the only ones affected; on Monday Square Enix stated that copies of Final Fantasy VII Remake would be shifted to Europe and Australia earlier than usual and to the western regions within this week so that all the players get the game in its time given of April 10th.

Many other games are most likely to be affected due to this Global pandemic.


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