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When we usually talk about eCommerce stores we don’t normally think about their product descriptions. This is mainly because we’re used to just seeing the items that are for sale. There are many who like to work smarter by just taking the manufacturer’s product descriptions. The worst is when business owners skim a catalog online and just copy the same description. This is bad business practice because the chance of being listed on a search engine for customers to find is very slim due to plagiarism concerns.

This is why you make sure not to take the easy road when it comes to your business’s reputation. What you should do instead is take the time to produce unique content that is of the highest quality. If you are unable to think of a good way to write your descriptions then check out a few that we have listed below.

Make Them Solution and Feature Driven

Keep in mind that the audience that you are targeting is not going to be interested in the product as much as they will be in what the product can provide them. In order to take advantage of that, change it up by making the features of the product into great benefits.

Although basic types of descriptions are just fine, but the descriptions that stand out will be those that are able to make a big impact by offering benefits that could help problems get solved like the ones below:

• Applaud prospects by encouraging aspirations
• Assist the visualization of success that can be achieved
• Assist with imagining the possession of the product
• Give an explanation of how they will feel as they use your products
• Assist with their needs by having them imagine your product being the solution
• Let the customers know what problems your products can solve

Build the Product Descriptions around Efficiency and Effectiveness

The one thing you need to keep in mind is how to build an efficient and effective product description that will have a positive response? Is there a lot of copy needed? You should be using as little or as much as you deem necessary for the copy. That way you know that you have all of your bases covered.

Ensure that your descriptions are structured in a way that they are able to be inputted fast and with little effort. Incorporate headings that are relevant, short sentence paragraphs, and bullet points.

You can also incorporate product videos to make your descriptions simplified but without the worry of having any value lost. You can easily see an increase in the amount of conversions by using these videos.

Create Drafts of the Product Descriptions

Writing drafts of what you want your description to say is a great way to see what the description could look like from a customer’s point of view. Make the description energetic and ready to persuade.

Try to keep your description’s voice in second person so that your customer base is directly targeted. You don’t have to be concerned about the style, SEO, keywords, grammar, or spelling. Just write from the top of your head, then later you can look it over and make any necessary corrections.

After you’ve made your corrections, read it out loud and listen to what you are saying and determine if it’s what you would like to say to an audience. Does it have a nice flow without dragging on? Is it both full of pep and able to persuade. Have the features been turned into benefits?

If you feel like you could benefit from more info on this subject, then you are free to research all of the other possibilities that are available concerning product descriptions.



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