The Benefits of Trap Sample Packs

Trap music’s origins came from Houston Texas in the late 1990s. Trap music quickly became very popular in underground circles and only broke through into the mainstream in the latter half of the 2000s. Highly popularized in urban media, trap music has become a genre in its own right, and whole its beginnings came from rap music, and before that hip hop, they are now completely different genres, and trap music has taken off globally. 

Trap music has offshoots in nearly every country in the world, there are trap artists in the United Kingdom, and trap artists in France. This type of music superficially seems very aggressive and to glorify drug dealing, but au fond is more than that and is to a certain extent urban poetry, an expression of the emotions and harsh realities of many of our underprivileged and forgotten youth. 

Trap music has been stigmatized in mainstream media for its association with gang-violence, but the music itself often has no connection. If you are deciding to start mixing trap music and making your own, then you can derive many benefits from making use of trap sample packs. Trap sample packs can seriously aid you in your journey to trap music stardom, so here are the benefits of them!

Find an Online Drum Sample

When you are making trap music, the bass is often the most important and recognizable part. It is absolutely imperative that for your success as a trap artist, you find a good quality drum kit; this article will hope to explain how and why. Trap music is estimated, roughly, to have between 120-140 bpm. With such a huge number of beats, it is fundamental that you have a good quality drum kit. You can purchase drum synthesizers online on a subscription basis, which is often much cheaper and easier than purchasing, learning, and recording a physical drum kit.

For the budding trap artist, drum samples are a must-have. They allow you to focus on recording the lyrics while the music itself is covered – this is only really necessary if you will be making other aspects of the beat yourself – if you are going to be simply doing vocals or lyrics then it is quite unnecessary for you to have a drum sample, as you will need to add the drum sample into the beat itself, so if you are not making the beat, don’t bother.

If you are, however, making the beat, then a good drum sample is perfect for you. By having a good drum sample you enable yourself to really get stuck in and get hands-on with your beat. Making a beat can be a really fun, intimate, and wholesome experience, then combined with a banging bassline, you will surely be having the time of your life. You can make a lot of money selling beats to trap artists, so make sure you have a fantastic melody and a banging beat to go along with it, get your drum sample today, and waste no time!

The Benefits of Samples

For those who do not make beats but simply record lyrics, trap samples are a Godsend. It can be very hard learning how to make beats, but when you want to record your voice a beat is fundamental, if it were not for the availability of beat samples available then there would be no music! For vocalists, trap samples are brilliant and can enable you to reach stardom and heights previously unimaginable. You can use, recycle, and remake beats and mould them to shape your own personal style.

The Benefits of Trap Sample Packs

Make a Beat Your Own

There is no shortage of beats available, each with their own potential to help you make it big. Trap samples are widely available, and you can even reuse the beats used by more famous and influential trap artists. There has been a huge trend in recent years of beat challenges, wherein independent artists are given the platform and opportunity to copy the beat of a more famous trap artist with their own vocals over it, with many of them winning prizes consequentially. This is courtesy of the beatmakers who release their tracks to the public for free.

Samples are a great way for a budding beatmaker to start, also. You can start by mixing samples together, and this will give you the opportunity to create your own unique stamp on the tracks and make yourself the star you deserve to be.

When you are using other people’s beats make sure you have permission to do so, as you can find yourself in a lot of trouble if you take a beat that is not for use and make it your own or change it. It is not worth the trouble you can get yourself into, so drop them an email and ask.



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