Text editors like Notepad++ , NeechPad, ModernNote that run in Windows platform are not simple text editors like notepad or word pad but are specifically designed with syntax highlighting, multi tab interface to assist web developers and coders write code.

Syncplify.me- The new alternative to Notepad++

Among all the above mentioned editors Notepad++ has emerged to be the most powerful and its huge collection of advanced settings and features have been popular. But one editor that have matching features is the Syncplify.me text editor.
Syncplify.me notepad has an elegant design and decent features with an appreciable number of advanced editing features. It allows you to edit text files with large sizes, even greater than 4GB, search for errors within files and quickly rectify them and has a handy split-editing option to view and edit two text files parallel.

Syncplify Notepad Split mode

The user interface which is known as the Ribbon UI is another important feature which is specially designed for touch devices of Windows like Windows tablets. By pondering in the Advanced tab, users can use to features like Document Map, Split Editor, Find in Files and Hash Code. It has a built-in hash code calculator, which supports CRC32, MD5, RIPE-MD160, SHA1, SHA256 and SH512 algorithms to check integrity of documents. Syncplify.me is a very efficient application and is absolutely free of cost. So if you are a Notepad++ lover you must try the flavor of Syncplify.me.


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