The successor to Windows 8.1 that’s Windows 9 will provide a lot more and will introduce much-requested features to blend Microsoft’s three platforms Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox One.

The video launched by Microsoft shows a pool of new facilities. The OS supports 1080p and 4k resolution.
The enhanced start screen introduces more tile column and more sizes.

Features Expected to be included in Windows Phone 9

The number of columns will depend on the screen size eg. Screens less than 4.5 inch will have max 4 columns.The back start and search button are now integrated with the screen for enhanced touch gestures.

Folders- Live folders will cycle through the pinned items inside. The number of items will depend on screen size. 1×1 tile can shuffle 1 item at a time while 2×2 tiles can shuffle upto 9.

You can control apps straight from the start screen. Tiles contain interactive buttons to play or stop music, check mails and pause slide show of photos. All apps pane is being re designed to enable groups and customizing them.
Bing supports full integrated search.


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